Lords Of The Fallen Patch v1.1.199 Adds Multiplayer & Gameplay Adjustments

Undoubtedly, the best patch we have had yet.

Story Highlights

  • Lords of the Fallen has received yet another update, this time making several multiplayer and gameplay adjustments, balances, and notable bug fixes.
  • One of the most significant adjustments in this update has been made to the “Retrieve Vigor” animation, making it faster, more interruptible, and with more invincible frames.
  • The UI has also received a change, with the skip cinematic flow improving significantly by displaying the required key on-screen when a button has been pressed.

Lords of the Fallen patch v1.1.199 has been released, and it comes with a list of changes that fans have been eagerly waiting for. Most of the crashes related to multiple AMD GPUs have been fixed, and several general bugs have also been squashed. Multiplayer and general gameplay have received notable adjustments. Moreover, the UI, Visuals, and Collisions have also been updated, with few balances to elevate the experience.

Lords of the Fallen v1.1.199
Lords of the Fallen – Sentry Reported Issues

The patch notes have confirmed that over 30% of the crashes in AMD GPUs were caused due to a communication error between the drivers and DirectX12. The devs have fixed it by skipping Niagara compute shader dispatches upon an exceeded amount of thread count. There were other issues reported through sentry, which have also received a fix.

Upon interaction with an NPC, especially at times when the NPC character actor is not ready, a crash would occur, which should be fixed now. Several DLC items that no longer exist in the player’s inventory caused a crash, especially when removing them by filtering the categories or by setting their description to something else. These item-related crashes have also been addressed.

A crash that occurred when soulflaying certain entities has been fixed. Another crash that occurred when trying to determine the selected ammo slot without a valid inventory component should be fixed. Some players reported a crash occurring when picking up an item that disappeared while playing montage, which should be fixed now. The payload in the trigger event has been corrected, with other ability corrections.

Multiplayer Adjustments

The matchmaking has received a much-needed change, with the matchmaking prioritizing finding players with a good ping over quicker matches to minimize rubber-banding issues. While this may cause players to wait longer in matchmaking, it ensures that the experience remains as best as possible. Moreover, the Orian Protector feature has been temporarily disabled and should return with more improvements.

Lords of the Fallen Patch notes
Lords of the Fallen – Balances, Gameplay Adjustments, etc.

The price of the Flame Funnel spell in the Remembrance store has been adjusted. Social shrine goals have been adjusted to match the player’s progression and forecasts. As for the UI, the update has improved the skip cinematic flow by adding the required key to display on-screen after pressing a button.

The lower LODs for the effigy of Scorn have been adjusted to allow their clothing physics to function properly. After taking a step back to use the Soulflay attack, it will no longer make players fall off a ledge. The incorrect orientation of the character while interacting with NPCs has been adjusted. “Empty Sanguinarix” animation is now quicker and can be interrupted sooner.

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Lords of the Fallen is an ARPG developed by Hexworks and published by CI Games. It was released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on October 13, 2023. Since the release, players have reported several instances of the game crashing, and if these are occurring in multiplayer for you, you can try these Lords of the Fallen multiplayer fixes. But if the issue is more general, then these Lords of the Fallen crash fixes might be better.

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