New Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Mod Features ChatGPT-Like AI

Experience a level of immersion never seen in the game before.

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  • A new Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord mod dubbed “Inworld Calradia” has added an AI that lets you engage in unique conversations with NPCs.
  • The player can chat with NPCs through prompts to receive highly intelligent and unique answers for each user query.
  • Every character features unique backgrounds and traits and retains a lot of information throughout the playthrough, adding emotions to NPCs.
  • The mod is free to download on the Nexus Mods forum, and it does not replace the original vanilla interaction system.

The well-renowned Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord modder Bloc has integrated robust AI into the game, utilizing the GPT AI and text-to-speech features from Inworld AI to create a highly realistic environment. The mod dubbed “Inworld Calradia” lets you engage in unique conversations with NPCs of all ranks and statuses; from peasants to lords and nobles, every NPC adds its own backgrounds and traits.

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Conversations with each NPC leave the players with a unique interaction, and the players can input prompts and then enjoy alarmingly realistic responses to each user’s queries. The mod wholly changes Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, turning it into a highly immersive venture that adds emotions to every NPC inhabiting the cruel world of Caldaria.

Through your expert conversational skills, you’ll unlock secrets and learn about hidden ambitions and plots. And with the ability to chat with villagers and townsfolk, you can gain valuable insights into the daily lives of the people in Calradia,” says the modder Bloc regarding the mod.

Moreover, conversations with intelligent NPCs can enhance the way a user plays Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. Learning about the enthralling lore becomes a very organic and hearty experience; an NPC with appropriate knowledge could let you in on the secretive rumors, for instance. Getting different answers in every interaction truly adds to the overall allure of the game, which was already a detailed experience to begin with.

According to the modder, every noble generated by the game is based on their in-game characters. The nobles also remember a great amount of detail. For instance, “they know who are they, how old are they, who is their father, mother, brothers, sisters, children if they have any. Furthermore, they know which clan they are in, what other clans exist in their faction, different war/peace states with other factions.

The noble NPCs also remember rulers of factions, cultures, different stories, pasts with the characters and their clans, your relationship with their families, and much more. They also incorporate unique background stories for each playthrough. The AI will keep track of everything for each NPC in the innovative mod.

Moreover, there is almost no lag while chatting with the AI-powered NPCs by using prompts, and the responses are dynamically created instantly. The vanilla interaction system has also not been swapped, and it can still be utilized. However, there are certain limitations placed by the modder for villagers to ensure a smooth experience.

For townfolk/villagers, system is a little different, unlike nobles, you cannot talk with same townfolk with same personality twice in this version. This is, unfortunately a limitation I had to put to avoid thousands of villager generation and causing  a mess in your account and in Inworld’s account.”

The video below showcase the feature and many other upgrades in great detail, leaving the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord community bewildered by the quality of the new mod. It is worth noting that the mod is entirely free to play, and it can be downloaded by anyone interested on the Nexus mods forum. Moreover, the modder has also provided a detailed installation guide in the form of a video and instructions that can be followed.

YouTube video

The players have responded with a positive reception, celebrating a new milestone in the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord modding. Additionally, the mesmerizing mod only serves as a positive premonition for what is to come for the action role-playing games in the future using powerful AIs. 

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