Neon White Is Coming To Xbox Consoles, ESRB Rating Confirms

The highly acclaimed indie game could be releasing on Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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  • Neon White is releasing on Xbox Series and Xbox One, as per a new ESRB rating.
  • It will be rated T for Teens, due to violence, mild blood, and suggestive themes.
  • The game is currently available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Neon White was one of 2022’s best games, and it looks like Xbox players could be getting to play it as well. A new rating from ESRB suggests that the FPS puzzle-platforming title will launch on the Xbox Series and Xbox One soon. The Annapurna Interactive game originally came out on the Nintendo Switch and PC back in June 2022.

PlayStation consoles also got Neon White in December 2022, with Xbox being the only one left out. But, this update from the rating board suggests fans won’t have to wait much longer.

As per the ESRB, Neon White will have a T for Teens rating on Xbox consoles too. Fantasy Violence, Language, and Mild Blood are quoted as the main reasons for this rating score. The rating summary gives us some more detail about the FPS game.

Neon White ESRB rating
The ESRB rating

You will assume the role of an assassin and hunt demons in Heaven, as current players would know. Soul Cards are a big part of the game and provide you with weapons like swords, pistols, and shotguns to kill demons. In addition, you also obtain special abilities that allow you to vanquish the enemy.

Combat in Neon White contains gunfire, and sword-slashing effects, and shows Black-and-White images to depict additional acts of violence. It also contains some suggestive themes as per the ESRB. Some characters will have revealing outfits and evocative still images.

Neon White also features a cat, but it has a peculiar characteristic. The ESRB rating says you will see this cat character several times, but with a cigar in its hand. Players will also hear the word “a*shole” in the FPS title.

Hence, all of these things add up to constitute the T rating of Neon White. The most interesting thing about this rating is the suggestion that the indie phenomenon will now release on Xbox consoles. 

Rumors did spread back in December about how the game was going to launch on the Xbox Game Pass. Shpeshal Nick said that the game would launch on the service in the middle of December. However, this turned out to be false squashing the hopes of fans.

Annapurna Interactive came out to deny these reports regarding an Xbox port of Neon White. The publisher said that it had no more plans for 2022 and that no other port would release in December. Only the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version of the game launched on December 13, 2022.

Considering how remarkable the game is, Neon White’s potentially imminent arrival on Xbox consoles is brilliant news. It has got nominated for 19 awards at different events, including the “Best Independent Game” honor at The Game Awards 2022. Angel Matrix’s puzzle-platform game also got a few Game of the Year shouts, notably from Golden Joystick Awards.

Critics alike have been big fans of Neon White, with an 89 Metacritic score backing this fact up. Players are also very fond of the FPS title, as the game’s PC version has an 8.4 user score on Metacritic. 

Neon White has also been successful on Steam. It has sold 316k units on the platform as per VGInsights, which is a competent performance for an indie game. 

All of these achievements make Neon White’s impending arrival on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One really exciting. You can play the game on PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch right now.

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