2 Months After Release, Players Have Abandoned Overwatch 2’s PVE Mode

50 thousand people used to live here. Now it's a ghost town.

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  • Overwatch 2 fans are reporting the game’s PVE mode has been abandoned by players.
  • It can take as many as 5 minutes for a game to pop, and the squad usually includes AI teammates.

Overwatch 2’s PVE mode failed to live up to the expectations players had at the time of its initial announcement. After numerous delays, the version of the PVE missions that made their way to the game was a far cry from what Blizzard originally promised. Many of the features that could’ve added replayability, like the skill trees, were scrapped. And now, two months later, players are reporting almost no one is playing the Missions Mode.

Taking to Reddit, one fan shared their experience of trying to queue up for a few games of the PVE matches. They said that it’s usually just them, one other player, and 2 AI teammates on the team. And even then, it can take almost 5 minutes in the queue for a match to pop up. The fact that this is the state of the mode, after only two months, is pretty alarming. The user also continued:

People are clearly upset that PVE got squished down to 3 missions, no guilds, no skill trees, just 3 missions. And the fact Blizzard knows this and put AI autofill for the team is just INSANE. I’d rather they put off a battle pass or two and actually work on PVE rather than just accept the way things are.”

The experience is made worse by Overwatch 2’s poor AI. Teammates controlled by AI will often dash off of the map, with others joining them. At other times, they might use their Ultimates without any enemies present, which can cause significant issues when progressing on some of the higher difficulties. It’s clear anyone realistically wanting to complete these missions on Legendary difficulty will need a premade group. 

Junkrat's skill tree in Overwatch 2 PVE missions before it got scrapped during development.
Junkrat’s skill tree in Overwatch 2 PVE missions before it got scrapped during development.

Players also noted that putting a mode with almost no replay value behind a paywall was a bad idea. After the initial hype died down, most people had no reason to revisit these same missions. This is because the gameplay doesn’t change at all between repeated playthroughs. As a result, fans getting into them now will have a drastically worse experience because of high queue times and terrible AI. 

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It’s unclear what steps Blizzard intends to take to fix this problem. It’s possible they might consider adding the initial three missions as part of a new bundle when the next batch arrives. This way, anyone who missed out on them the first time around can still try them with real players. Either way, it’s clear the PVE mode for Overwatch 2 hasn’t been what players hoped it’d be. 

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