Phil Spencer Receives “Legend” Award At The NY Game Awards

"Phil Spencer is the exact sort of person you want as an executive of a gaming company."

Over the years, Phil Spencer has received a huge amount of support from the community for his push toward making games more accessible as well as his passion for games in general. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has been recognized by the NY Game Awards for the Andrew Yoon Legend Award. 

Major Takeaways:

  • Phil Spencer has been recognized by the NY Game Awards for the Andrew Yoon Legend Award.
  • Former Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime commended Phil Spencer over the award. 

The NYVGCC gave an official statement that reads: 

Phil Spencer is the exact sort of person you want as an executive of a gaming company; He has consistently shown his commitment to making Xbox the most consumer-friendly and diverse platform in the console gaming space. Phil has transformed Xbox into one of the most progressive companies truly pushing the medium forward. He is an exemplary figure that encourages the message that games are for everyone and we are honored to present him with the 2022 Andrew Yoon Legend Award.”

The 12th annual New York Game Awards will be held live in-person from the SVA Theatre in Manhattan, NY on January 17, 2023

Former Nintendo of America CEO and a board member at the NYVGCC Reggie Fils-Aime also congratulated Spencer for the award saying: 

Phil and I have been a part of this industry together for many years and I’ve always admired his ability to find new, creative ways to serve gamers, Phil isn’t just an executive in games, he is a gamer himself and because of that he knows exactly what fans want when it comes to the Xbox brand. I am thrilled to have him join the prestigious ranks of Andrew Yoon Legend Award winners and look forward to celebrating his illustrious career at the New York Game Awards this January.”

For the past few years Phil Spencer has turned around the Xbox brand in a spectacular fashion. Despite a very rough start for the Xbox One under previous leadership Don Mattick, Phil Spencer has visibly turned things around to keep Xbox a major player in the games industry.  

Spencer also responded via Twitter to this announcement: 

While certain doubts remain regarding Microsoft’s slowly building monopoly in the industry, its hard not to recognize the strides Xbox has made in the past few years. 

Yakuza Like a Dragon Game Pass Phil Spencer
Yakuza: Like a Dragon

One of the main reasons for that is the Xbox Game Pass and its contribution in helping out smaller studios and unique passion projects like Obsidian’s latest historical murder mystery, Pentiment. The game’s director, Josh Sawyer has gone on the record to say that he “never would have proposed” the game without Game Pass.

Major Japanese developers such as RGG studios, the developers behind the Yakuza and Judgment series have also acknowledged Game Pass as a key factor for the game’s success in the western market. Game Pass has also proved to be massively successful for the Xbox brand with subscriptions ranging into the 30 million plus mark as of November 2022. 

Xbox has experienced rapid growth under Spencer’s leadership, we hope that this growth continues to blossom in the future. 

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