Phil Spencer Says Xbox Is Planning More Consoles Down The Road

Cloud Gaming won't have any Impact on Xbox Consoles

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer said that “we will be seeing more Xbox Consoles down the road.”

Phil talked about Cloud Gaming and its potential. The interviewer asked him whether Cloud Gaming’s (xCloud) development will have any impact on future hardware. Phil replied to this saying, gaming is going through a transformation, where the user is the center of focus. It is not about the device anymore. He related saying that music and movie are with me everywhere I go. The same case is with Game Pass, which allows you to play games on every platform.

Microsoft – xCloud

Amazon recently announced its Cloud Gaming Service, Luna. Others like Sony are now also working on their service, and it seems Cloud Gaming is the future. Phil Spencer said that Cloud Gaming Growth won’t slow down Console Development.

“We’re about putting the player at the center. It’s not about the device in the middle anymore,” Spencer told Yahoo. “You see that in every other form of media: my TV is with me wherever I go, my music is with me wherever I go.

“I’m in control of the experience and I think gaming is going through that same transformation, which is why as you say, if you’re a Game Pass subscriber you can now play your great games on our Xbox console, on your PC or now on your Android phone via streaming.”

In terms of future hardware, absolutely I think we’re going to see more console hardware down the road. Just like in video, just like in music it’s not that streaming has cut off device innovation.” Spencer said. “I think we’ll continue to see that and that’s absolutely what we’re planning for.”

Microsoft looks to have a very promising future. Xbox Game Pass is growing every month, and last reports from Microsoft suggested It has now 15 million subscribers. Other than this, xCloud is on its way, and will probably feature more games than any other cloud gaming service. In addition to all these, Microsoft has just acquired Bethesda‘s parent company ZeniMax, which allows them to take control of all Bethesda titles. In the future, it is certain that Game Pass will only grow, xCloud might beat its competitor, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella loves the idea of acquisition, so more Studio acquisitions might be on the way.

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