Sci-Fi Survival Horror Project: A.I.D.A Announced By Pulsatrix Studios

The creators of Fobia: St. Difna Hotel are making a sci-fi horror game in Unreal Engine 5.

Gaming has become one of the biggest industries in the world this past decade. There is no doubt that the major players like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft etcetera are a major reason gaming is bigger than the movie and music industries combined. But, what really keeps the creative juices flowing in the distinctive art form of video games are independent titles.

Hundreds of games come out every year besides the major studio AAA titles and they are true marvels of gaming. One such studio which made a pretty good horror game this year is Pulsatrix Studios. The Brazilian studio has just announced a sci-fi horror game Project: A.I.D.A and it is definitely worth looking at.

Major Takeaways

  • Project: A.I.DA is the next game from Brazilian studio Pulsatrix Studios.
  • It is being made in Unreal Engine 5 and the reveal trailer looks fantastic.
  • The studio previously released the horror title Fobia: St. Difna Hotel this year.

The studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil released the first in-engine trailer of the game on their YouTube channel. It is actually a first look at the gameplay of this upcoming sci-fi survival horror. And as you can see below, Project: A.I.D.A looks absolutely breathtaking. 

We start in what looks like an underground sewer system and the surroundings look horrifying. Sewers aren’t popular for being pretty but the blood on the floor makes it much worse. Add the wails and screams of God knows what creature to this, and we feel the horror in this environment. 

YouTube video

Pulsatrix Studios has already released such a horror game this year. Fobia: St. Difna Hotel was the debut title from the Brazilian studio which came out on 28 June 2022. Hence, the studio specializes in this kind of horror experience. 

But, Project: A.I.D.A has themes that are different from Fobia even with similar atmospheric elements. For example, Fobia takes place in a hotel across different timelines and deals with a cult. Hence, it was more of a traditional horror game with a bit of time travel sprinkled on it. 

Project: A.I.D.A has a clear sci-fi footprint on it as you can even see in the thumbnail of the trailer. The child, who is probably our main character, has a futuristic device around their broken head. It could be that they are a robot or something else but it is definitely sci-fi.

No other details about Project: A.I.D.A has been released as of yet by Pulsatrix Studios. We don’t even know what platform it will release on as of yet. But, if Fobia: St. Difna Hotel is the footprint, it will come out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

YouTube video

If you want to try out the first game from Pulsatrix you can do so on Steam or PlayStation Store. For the meager price of $30, you will experience a full-fledged horror game over 8 hours long. NicheGamer’s review called it “Challenging, diabolical, Myst-like” and gave it a 7

So, if you like the look of Project: A.I.D.A and want to try something from the developer beforehand, Fobia is right there. It has many good reviews and is a good experience for any horror fanatic. The game is especially impressive knowing a small team worked on it.

Project A.I.D.A’s use of Unreal Engine 5 also looks very impressive. It just further encapsulates the talent of the team at Pulsatrix Studios in Brazil. Hopefully, they can keep this performance in the final game too.

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