Redfall Confirmed To Feature Cross-Play Across Xbox And PC

The game will be released on May 2.

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  • Bethesda has confirmed the cross-play support for Redfall in a Q&A session held on Discord to commemorate the announcement of the game’s release date.
  • The Redfall can be played between Xbox, PC Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Game Store.
  • The co-op progression will be tied to the host.
  • Redfall is scheduled to be released on May 5 for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

In a Discord Q&A session, Bethesda confirmed that Redfall will have cross-play between Xbox, PC Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Game Store. The Q&A session was held on the 20th of February where Arkane Studios answered the queries of fans. The session was conducted to celebrate the announcement of Redfall’s release date.

Bethesda revealed the info to a query from a Discord user who asked the question about the possibility of “playing with Steam friends” while being on Game Pass. An Arkane spokesperson responded with,

You can definitely play with your friends on Steam. You join your friends wherever they are.”

This response answered the user’s question but it was still vague in terms of explaining the extent of cross-platform play. And the explanation came in the form of a tweet from Redfall’s official Twitter handle which confirmed the crossplay between Xbox, PC Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Game Store.

Just as revealed before, the progression of the co-op campaign will be “tied” to the host.

Cross-play is the most sought feature in any game with an online mode. And Redfall is no exception. The game has both single-player and co-op multiplayer modes. But the makeup of Redfall makes it an ideal co-op game with its open-world setting.

So the Redfall community was always eager to know about the possibility of cross-play between different platforms. Because, as is the case with many games, not all gamers in a friend group prefer one single platform. The unavailability of cross-play is seen as a massive negative for any game advertised as an online game.

And Redfall is seen as an online game despite its single-player because an internet connection is required at all times even when playing the game in single-player mode. This Bethesda decision earned the game the title of an “always-online” game. Bethesda received a substantial amount of backlash for this.

The decision to include cross-play was pretty well received by the Redfall community. But despite the positive response, many fans were still very vocal in their calls for Bethesda to revoke the requirement of an internet connection to play the single-player Redfall.

Redfall will release on May 2 for the Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC. 

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