Zenimax Online’s New IP Has Been In Development For More Than 4 Years

The Creative Director at Zenimax Online Studios speaks briefly about the title in an interview.

For years, we have heard rumors of a new title being developed by Zenimax Online Studios. ZOS is the developer of the Elder Scrolls Online, an MMORPG set in the Elder Scrolls universe. We now have confirmation that a new IP is in development at Zenimax.


  • A new IP is in development at Zenimax Online Studios 
  • The title has been in development for 4 and a half years
  • A global team of 200 is working on the project 

The new title is in development by a team led by Ben Jones, the Creative Director at Zenimax Online Studios. Ben speaks briefly about the new title in development in an interview with the Product Builders podcast.

Ben Jones manages a team of 50 on the project and notes that 200 people around the world are working on the title. The unannounced title is described by Ben Jones as having a considerable investment and is a very large-scope project. According to Jones, the title has been in development for 4 and a half years, likely starting production around 2018. 

Insiders have spoken of a new IP from Zenimax starting development in 2018 for years. Some have speculated it is an MMORPG Starfield game. Others think, and is most likely a wholly original IP. 

Zenimax Online Studios is currently developing a mobile title in a new IP. However, it is unlikely this is the title that Ben is referring to. According to a Linkedin post, the new title Ben’s team is working on is a AAA title, not a mobile game.

Zenimax has also grown its international studios over the last year. Hiring has been strong across all Zenimax studios, including Montreal, Austin, Madison, San Diego, and Madison.

Zenimax Online Studios
Ben’s team is hiring for a lead quest designer for Zenimax’s in-development AAA title

The job post listing for the lead Quest Designer states,

ZeniMax Online Studios is seeking a Lead Quest Designer to join our studio for the development of our next AAA game. This is a chance to join an experienced group of developers in pre-production for a new IP. This role will collaborate with the Lead Content Designer, Lead Narrative Designer, Design Leads, & Lead Environment Artists to drive quest content. A developer in this role serves as a key part of the content direction for a new IP and will help drive a holistic approach to quest development that includes gameplay moments, combat encounter design, and scripting.”

With Zenimax’s background developing the Elder Scrolls Online, it might seem likely that this title is a new MMORPG. However, it is also possible that the studio will take a different step and make a single-player title. With the game being in development for 4 and a half years, it is likely that we could see this new title soon.

Update: The listing in question is no longer available on ZeniMax’s official website.

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