Struggling With A Certain Boss In Resident Evil 4? Try A Golden Egg

A Twitch streamer has just figured out someone's chaotic Kryptonite.

Story Highlights

  • Ramon Salazar is one of the major antagonists in Resident Evil 4, being one of the closest accomplices to Osmund Saddler.
  • Although Leon encounters him multiple times throughout the campaign, it’s only until the latter stages of the game that players must go face-to-face with Salazar in a boss fight. 
  • While Salazar is no child’s play to take down, especially in harder difficulty modes, one opportune Twitch streamer has figured out an easy yet ridiculous way of beating Salazar just like that, and it involves throwing a golden egg at the boss. 
  • Using one golden egg against Salazar, you can chip away about 70% of his total health, leading you to put the boss out of his misery swiftly afterward.

The freshly released Resident Evil 4 remake features a handful of boss battles to overcome, with many of them giving players a run for their money, but forget the Rocket Launcher or the Killer7 magnum to hunt down one of the most wicked bosses in the game. There’s something far more powerful that you can equip to go to town with Ramon Salazar, but it’s not what you think it is. 

Twitch streamer Larxa has discovered that throwing a golden egg at Salazar chips away 70% of his health without Leon breaking a single sweat. But you know what’s better than using one golden egg? Two golden eggs, but at that point, things get overkill for the poor castellan, making him fall down to his knees and squirm in anguish, thereby ending the fight right there and then.

  • Note: Watch out for potential spoilers ahead in case you haven’t made it to the Salazar boss battle yet. You have been warned. 

It bears knowing, though, that there are only two golden eggs that you can obtain in the mainline Resident Evil 4 campaign, so the worth of this otherwise rare treasure is certainly justified in this case, given how the golden egg can take down Salazar in such a humiliating fashion. One of the easier ways to get your hands on one is to set out for the eastern side of the Lake.

You’ll find a small section there where Leon can dock the boat and get off on the area by foot. Make your way to the back side of what appears to be a small-scale chicken farm, and you’ll find a shiny golden egg lying on the ground there. Do note that the Merchant has a side quest called Egg Hunt to hand out to Leon. If you accept it and hand over the golden egg, you will no longer have the rare treasure to take down Salazar with.

Therefore, the choice is yours—either to let the quest go or complete it and get those Spinels. Here’s a visual guide to help you get one golden egg. The other one is located in the Castle section, particularly in the Throne Room, where you can have Leon sitting down and posing for the camera. 

YouTube video

In addition, there’s a subtle little hint dropped by the game itself with regard to this hysterical weakness of Salazar. During the Disgrace of the Salazar Family side quest, you’re tasked by the Merchant to throw an egg at Salazar’s portrait. This can be done in the aforementioned Throne Room, where a large drawing of the cult follower hangs on the wall, and a golden egg rests inside an Ornate Box nearby. 

Perhaps, the game’s trying to tell us the best way to take down Salazar via this quest. In any case, we’re glad this alternative approach to battling the boss is out in the open, especially for speedrunners who are looking to set records trying to beat the title as quickly as possible. That said, here’s our guide on the Resident Evil 4 remake Salazar boss fight, just in case, to help you on your way.  

The Resident 4 remake is out now for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. 

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