Resident Evil 4 Remake Gets A GBA Demake

Carry Leon in your pockets at all times.

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  • The Resident Evil 4 remake was released last month to near-universal acclaim from both fans and critics.
  • Inspired by the remake, modder 3DSage is currently working on a recreation of the remake on the Game Boy Advance. 
  • 3DSage posted a demonstration of the game running both on an actual Game Boy Advance, as well as a GBA emulator.

A fan developer by the name of 3DSage is already hard at work creating a GBA version of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Sage showed off their progress on the project so far and it is already shaping up to be something exciting. Showcasing the shooting mechanics from the game as well as an inventive way to add the over-the-shoulder shooter camera into a GBA title. With Leon’s model being replaced with a heavily pixelated 2D sprite. 

Showing the game running on both an actual Game Boy Advance as well as an emulator, the demo featured Leon wandering in a generic empty room and shooting down a piece of treasure. Sage also mentioned that they would try to add in the shooting range or the starting village from the actual game. 

The Resident Evil series has been no stranger to passionate fan projects. Earlier this year, an RE modder by the name of Aydan Watkins modded Metal Gear’s Solid Snake into the original Resident Evil 1. An RE fan also previously recreated the entire intro sequence of the Resident Evil 3 remake in the style of the original PlayStation 1 trilogy. 

The Resident Evil 4 remake itself has been a home run for Capcom, being not only the most celebrated launch of a Resident Evil game since…well…the original Resident Evil 4 but also being a massive commercial hit, having sold over three million copies. The game has surpassed the numbers of every recently released Resident Evil title merely in the first few days of its release. Capcom also supposedly has plans to expand the game with future DLC.

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