Sandy Petersen Claims Doom 2 Was A Quick Cash Grab

Doom 2 was a quickie cash grab, to use some assets from the first game and give the designers something to do while Quake was being built. So when I "complain" about Doom 2 please know that I am fully aware that Quake was well worth it. -

Doom games revolutionized the early FPS genre and jumpstarted the fast-paced, high-octane FPS action in the gaming industry. The original title pioneered the modern 3D FPS games and is still held in high regard.

Moreover, the game also featured multiplayer and earlier iterations of mod support. With extremely unique movement techs and gameplay, it was destined for success.

The Doom series features an ungodly protagonist who is bloodthirsty for demons, and his rage knows no bounds. The fan-favorite franchise has adapted well into the modern age and sold millions of copies.

The franchise has inspired more than just games, spanning into novels, comic books, fan art, and film adaptations. At this point in time, Doom can be considered equal to many popular franchises.

The Doom Guy itself is widely popular and considered among the most badass video game characters. The sensation comes from his etched ability to hunt down demons like no other. The latest fast-paced gory experience, Doom Eternal, lived up to expectations, featuring memorable metal music and exhilarating gameplay.

Unfortunately, the earlier games, although revolutionary, felt lacking in major aspects and had extremely bad map layouts, often taking hours just to find an exit. Another thing to consider is how similar the first Doom and Doom 2 were. Well, a certain individual has very critical feedback on the title.

Sandy Peterson is a game developer for a few minor-grade titles. Sandy is an advocate of Horror and everything Lovecraft. This would explain how Sandy came to greet Doom 2. Even if Sandy enjoyed the original, his words for the sequel were very harsh.

Sandy Petersen had this to say about Doom II. His argument states that the title had reused assets all around and was a “Quickie Cash Grab.” He may be right in similarities, but in no way was the title a remaster of the original, it was a fully made experience from the ground up.

Well, Jhon Romero, a renowned game designer, for SIGIL, Quake, DOOM, and Wolf3D, gave him a response that easily cleared any doubts readers of the story had.

He specifically states, “DOOM II followed a long pattern of id development. It was a retail sequel to our previous game”. He continues by adding a very straightforward statement, “It wasn’t a cash grab or something to keep us busy.”

Personally, I truly believe that the sequel was a true experience built from the ground up, but after playing through it a few times, many similarities in gameplay do pop up, but almost every sequel shares similarities.

Well, developers say a lot of things, but seeing how popular this one is and experiencing Doom II for yourself, getting behind his statements isn’t very hard, but at the same time, some might agree that it was indeed a reskin with no real redeeming characteristics, that is for the player to decide.

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