Starfield Q&A Reveals Player Housing, Jail System, And Character Info

The Skyrim feature is coming back.

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  • The recent Starfield Q&A held in a Discord server has answered many questions from fans.
  • Some notable things we can expect include a housing system in cities, some of which can be purchased while others are quest rewards.
  • The jail system from Skyrim will also be coming back to Starfield, where you can elect to go to jail, pay a fine or try your luck escaping when arrested.
  • Over 20 named characters can join your crew, of which 4 are from the Constellation and the main focus.
  • The Q&A covered many details, helping us paint a clearer picture of what to expect among the stars of Starfield.

After announcing that Starfield has gone gold, Bethesda Game Studios hosted a live Q&A with the developers on the official Discord server. This short event revealed many new details about Starfield and the different features we will see in-game. It was attended by tens of thousands of fans worldwide. Among the many features, fans were especially excited about the housing system and the comeback of the jail system from Skyrim.

Starting things strong, Starfield will have a housing system with at least one house in each main city. These houses can either be purchased or acquired as quest rewards. We also finally know what the Kid Stuff trait will do; with this trait, your parents will be based on your character’s physical characteristics. The developers also hinted at some cool things we can get with that.

The game will contain some items that will generally be Contraband, but special ship modules can allow you to smuggle these items past the security of major settlements. Speaking of crime, there will be times when the themes of crimes and their punishment will be explored in the game. Additionally, the jail system from Skyrim will be coming to Starfield, where you can elect to go to jail, try to escape or pay a fine when arrested.

Another interesting feature is the anonymous background with no traits to make your character even more mysterious. The game will also allow you to explore real-life religions in the Starfield universe, but more focus will be on the three new groups. These three groups are called The Sanctum Universum, The Enlightened, and The House Va’ruun.

  • The Sanctum Universum group believes that God exists physically in the universe, and gravity jumping and traversing through the stars is God’s way of saying, “come find me.
  • The Enlightened group consists of atheists who don’t believe in a higher power and emphasize that humans must take care of one another.
  • The House Va’ruun group believes that a Great Serpent will enclose the universe and devour every non-believer.

Aside from that, you will be able to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet for UC SysDef as part of a quest. Starfield will have tons of buttons, and the mechs we saw in the animated shorts, Supra Et Ultra (about the pilot), Where Hope is Built (about the orphan), and The Hand that Feeds(about the street rats), are leftover from the Colony War. Both sides used these mechs, but Freestar Collective mastered them.

Starfield Animated Shorts
Starfield Animated Shorts.

Unlike the Freestar Collective, UC is more reliant on controlled alien beasts. Another interesting thing we might encounter is the old mech battleground in the Starfield universe. Moving on, we will have 20 named characters, 4 of which are part of the Constellation and the main focus. Moreover, companion skills cannot be levelled up; they will stack with the player’s skills “when relevant.”

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You can also assign crew members to a specific outpost with a one-time payment, and you will not need to pay again. The developers wanted to add a way for players to complete the game without lethal means, but such a “pacifist mode” was not feasible. And for players expecting time to pass when not in-game, like mining operations etc., the game will not allow you to slack off on your job.

Starfield is an upcoming ARPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was announced in 2018 and was showcased further in the Starfield Direct. The game only recently went gold, with preloads starting on August 17 for Xbox Series X|S and August 31 for Windows via Steam.

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