Silent Hill: Ascension’s Opening Footage Leaks Online

Some people are already disappointed from the visuals.

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  • Silent Hill: Ascension’s opening footage has seemingly leaked online from the recently-held San Diego Comic-Con event. The footage reveals two characters in a ritual that goes horribly wrong.
  • The footage of the title is very hazy to look at and definitely does not represent the final release. Some users have criticized the bad visuals of the game. It will likely improve before the game launches.
  • The devs have not addressed the newly leaked footage. Silent Hill: Ascension is slated to release sometime later this year. It is a streaming series where gamers watch and play along with the story.
  • Bloober Team is currently developing a remake of the Silent 2 entry. Another game dubbed Silent Hill f is also in the brewer. It is set in 1960s Japan, but no other specifics have been revealed for the entry.

The mysterious Silent Hill: Ascension has suffered quite a substantial leak recently. Its opening footage has apparently surfaced on the web from the San Diego Comic-Con event. The scene was seemingly revealed in the event in front of a small albeit lucky audience. Some users managed to record the game before spreading it around on sites like YouTube and Twitter.

Twitter user @ResiEvilCentral says that the following footage is the opening scene of the game. While the leaker Thxyuvi on YouTube mentions that the scene is one of the outcomes that can happen in the title as per devs. The characters in the video seem to be performing a ritual that goes wrong at every turn. Things take a dark turn as the burning candles slowly go out, and a monster can be seen walking in the shadows making beastly noises.

The monster appears behind Rachel, one of the characters, rendering her silent from finishing the chant to make it go away. The character is soon consumed by the monster, with its grotesque tentacles forcing their way onto her mouth before snapping her neck. The fate of the other character is unknown since the footage ends before anything else happens.

The footage is quite blurry and gives a flawed impression of the overall project. Many users have complained in the comments of the video and the Twitter thread that the visuals are not up to the expected standards. The build of the title is not final, and many lingering issues, alongside the visuals, will be improved significantly before it releases.

The developers have currently not elaborated on the leaked footage. As the Silent Hill: Ascension leak garners more attention, the devs may address the growing criticisms by releasing clearer gameplay footage.

Silent Hill: Ascension aims to be a live, real-time interactive streaming series where gamers watch and play as the story proceeds. The game is expected to come out this year, as mentioned in the trailer. Although no exact launch window has been confirmed so far, a late 2023 release is the most probable bet. 

More details about the Silent Hill: Ascension plot remain in secrecy. But a slew of Silent Hill projects are officially in the works by various teams. The devs are toiling hard to bring many titles into the series to cause a full revival. For instance, a full remake of Silent Hill 2 is in the brewer by the group at Bloober Team. It is set to release on PS5 and PC as a limited-timed exclusive. As per a store listing, it will arrive on September 29 this year.

Another title, dubbed Silent Hill f, was also officially unveiled a few months ago. It is set in 1960s Japan, but no other details exist for the nightmare-inducing entry as of now. Recently, Silent Hill: The Short Message’s plot premise from 2020 was also leaked that shed light on the protagonist’s backstory, but it is unclear if the game is still in development.

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