Silent Hill: The Short Message’s Plot Premise Leak Reveals Protagonist’s Backstory

The dark backstory sets up the perfect tone for gameplay.

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  • Silent Hill: The Short Message recently had its plot premise leak online, as shared by the renowned insider Dusk Golem on Discord. The plot sheds light on the backstory of the protagonist.
  • The plot contains light spoilers, but it will be revealed at the very beginning of the game. The protagonist is a 17-year-old Anita, which seemingly visits the place to investigate her friend’s death.
  • The entry was unveiled through South Korean and Taiwanese ratings, but it has not yet been officially announced by Konami. The Taiwanese rating was soon removed, suggesting its cancellation.
  • We suggest taking the leak with a pinch of salt, as the plot premise is at least three years old. Things are subject to be altered until the game officially releases, and we may see major changes.

Silent Hill: The Short Message has recently had its plot premise leak online, spreading to the far corners of the web. The accredited insider Dusk Golem took to Discord to leak the new details, with the fables appearing on the r/silenthill subreddit shortly after. We suggest moving through the rest of the article carefully because of potential spoilers, although the plot mentioned ahead takes place at the very beginning of the game.

New plot details from Silent Hill: The Short Message
by u/RedPyramidScheme in silenthill

The plot of the game mainly revolves around two characters, the protagonist Anita and her friend Maya. An unfolding turn of dark events jumpstarts the story of the awaited Silent Hill entry. Anita is a 17-year-old teenager without any friends except Maya whom she has known since childhood. A distance develops between the two friends because Anita starts to engage in destructive habits like harming herself, and the sort.

Things escalate further as Maya is discovered dead, reportedly having committed suicide. The main protagonist Anita is confused due to the recent events because she is fascinated with suicide and struggles. So, Anita decides to visit Maya’s place to find out what exactly she went through and to figure out who is still using her social media account even after her demise.

The game’s existence is seemingly as puzzling as its plot premise that recently leaked online. Silent Hill: The Short Message was reportedly unveiled to the public through South Korean and Taiwanese ratings, but it has not yet been officially announced. The game’s old rating from the Taiwanese board was reportedly taken down, suggesting that the project by Konami may have been wiped entirely.

Regardless, there is no current way of knowing whether the entry is still in the brewer, and it is expected to have evolved in many ways by the time the title comes out in the future. 

The plot premise surfaced by the insider reportedly dates back to 2020, and it is highly likely that Silent Hill: The Short Message undergoes a change in its plot and other features if it ever comes out. The plot leak does seem to align with the details of the previous synopsis that came out alongside the ratings. All in all, we suggest taking the new leak with a big pinch of salt, as things are subject to change. 

While the existence of this entry remains unclear, many Silent Hill projects have been officially announced by Konami. Despite all the details currently lacking, they are on the way toward release in the future. A full remake of Silent Hill 2 is currently in the brewer by the devs at Bloober Team. It is set to release on PS5 as a 12-month timed exclusive and on PC. As per a store listing, it is set to arrive on September 29 this year.

Another game dubbed Silent Hill f is set in 1960s Japan, but no other details exist for the project as of now. A unique project, Silent Hill Ascension, is also in the works, which is a live, real-time interactive streaming series where gamers watch together as the story proceeds. We may also hear something official about Silent Hill: The Short Message from Konami in the future.

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