Sony’s Leaked Sci-Fi RPG Could Be People Can Fly’s Project Red

New Sony Sci-Fi RPG built Leaked on Unreal Engine 5 could be from Outriders dev People Can Fly.

The last few months have been a blessing for gamers as leaks have been dropping left and right. We got some pretty cool and iconic builds, but in the midst of all that, there was a mysterious leak that left everyone bamboozled.

Several seconds of leaked footage from an unnamed Sony title appeared online last week. The original leaker described it as a “sci-fi RPG,” and it appears to be something that XDev is working on — the Sony company that generally aids external developers in their PlayStation-based endeavors.

                                                                                 Major Takeaways

  • A new Sony IP prototype leaked.
  • XDev is working on the title.
  • People Can Fly is rumored to be developing the game.

A new Sony IP has recently been revealed, according to “John Elden Ring,” on a post on Icon Era, and it appears to be a sci-fi RPG built on Unreal Engine 5. The user shared a video of the new game’s development.

We can check out the clip in the tweet clipped below.

The Twitter account claims that this is an exclusive PlayStation RPG, possibly being made in Unreal Engine 5 and developed by Sony’s XDEV studio in Liverpool, England.

The video, which depicts a player wielding a weapon marching towards a massive, moving alien-like thing in the distance, appears to be a hybrid of Gears of War’s muddy battle-hardened image and Mass Effect’s exotic planets.

If you’re not aware, the studio often assists other PlayStation-owned studios in shipping their games. So, obviously, everyone kept guessing who could be the main driving force behind this prototype.

According to Resetera user modiz, this unknown unannounced game could be in the works at People Can Fly, with XDev functioning as Sony’s support staff.

Here’s the “RED” text that was spotted in the leaked footage of Sony’s sci-fi RPG. 

Suspected Project Red Involvement In The Leak
Suspected Project Red Involvement In The Leak

People Can Fly has multiple projects in the pipeline, as detailed by this official document concerning last year’s financial results of the developer and its upcoming projects. 

Project RED
Inclusion of Project Red

The user noted that the leaked footage appears to have the word “RED” in the bottom right corner of the screen. “RED” was the codename for a People Can Fly project that was in the “concept development phase” in 2021, according to the creator.

Some gamers may recall that this is the codename for one of People Can Fly’s five planned projects, which were teased back in 2021. Project Red was stated to be in the “concept development phase” at the time, and things may have developed since then.

It all kind of makes sense because the said studio has experience in the sci-fi genre with helping in the development of Gears Of War: Judgment along with Epic Games. The game is also said to be using Unreal Engine, on which the studio has been working for years now.

What’s more, the Twitter user claims that we should be seeing more leaks of this unannounced game from Sony’s XDEV throughout 2023. Even though this title won’t be released until a few years, we can expect some major development soon.

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