Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Replaces Harry Osborn’s VA Due To Age Factor

The actor was dropped following the age factor, as revealed in a now-deleted tweet.

Insomniac Games’ upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is on everyone’s radar after the stunning success of the prior two installments. The web-slinging adventure is allegedly slated for a 2023 release, featuring the same, if not a more immersive, experience. However, some substantial changes are still coming to light in spite of all the hype.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has reportedly replaced the well-renowned voice actor for the Harry Osborn character, Scott Porter. Scott unveiled the following details after a fan interaction in a tweet that was deleted unexpectedly. He was allegedly swapped due to the major changes made by Insomniac in the upcoming Spider-Man rendition.

Major Takeaway

  • The voice actor for Harry Osborn, Scott Porter, has been replaced, as revealed in a now-deleted tweet.
  • The change was seemingly made because Insomniac Games opted for the modern photorealism method for its anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.
  • The age difference between Scott Porter and the in-game character, Harry Osborn, was too massive to work.
  • The tweet was supposedly abruptly deleted because Insomniac Games wouldn’t have wanted this information to go public. 

The information was spilled by Scott, who disclosed it while replying to a fan excited to see his return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The fan appreciated his work as Heimdall in the massively popular and possibly the game of the year winner title, God of War Ragnarok

Scott Porter replied to the fan in a now-deleted tweet, still up on a Reddit post, “While I voiced Harry in the first Spider-Man, I unfortunately will not be in the sequel.” Insomniac decided to drop Scott because it switched to using the photorealism method for the upcoming Spider-Man 2.

The age disparity between Scott and the game character was too considerable to ignore. Scott further elaborated, “They decided to go photoreal and the difference between me and Harry’s ages was too much to overcome I believe. I was bummed but I get it. Gonna be an incredible game.

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The photorealism strategy could not have worked efficiently due to the age difference between the voice actor and the game character. Sony’s Insomniac Games first experimented with the photorealism style in Marvel’s Spider-Man remastered for the PlayStation 5, which caused a divergence among the fans.

Scott Porter soon deleted the tweet, possibly because Insomniac Games may not appreciate the finer details leaking out online ahead of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release. The fans have rightfully disliked the removal of Porter, but thankfully it was not because of scandals from any side. 

Porter’s work undoubtedly spans games of all variations, and the voice actor is widely beloved for his expertise. It remains to be seen what actor has substituted for such a huge gap left behind by Scott. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a highly-anticipated title for the community, and the photorealism method could enhance it to a whole new scale. The game features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as protagonists, and some ruthless villains like Venom will also plague the streets of New York, hunting both the web-slingers down.

Spider-Man 2 is solely a single-player experience, despite the fans’ high demands for a co-op mode. It will seemingly incorporate much darker elements in the story while keeping its cherished humor.

The game has a lot to prove because it will have to one-up its predecessors by retaining its quality and adding a variety of new features.

What are your thoughts about Insomniac Games’ upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 featuring a different voice actor for Harry Osborn? Do you think it was the right decision to change the voice actor? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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