Jedi: Survivor’s New Patch Squashes Bugs And Fixes Crashes

Update 1.04 fixes 11 bugs in the adventure game and improves text scrolling.

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  • The fourth patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is rolling out with various bug fixes for the game.
  • Update 1.04 will launch on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series consoles to improve text scrolling, crashes, and text translations.
  • Developers are already working on other issues for future patches to upgrade the title further.

The latest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch releases this week and will improve many glaring issues in the title. For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, this update will come out on May 9 while the PC version will get it this week as soon as possible. Many crashes and bugs in the adventure game will be rectified through this update and Electronic Arts has also released patch notes to give us a detailed look at the changes.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch 4, the performance of some VFX has improved but only for PC not consoles. Occlusion behavior for raytracing has got an upgrade and streaming budgets have also been updated only on PC. Furthermore, improved non-raytraced performance and data handling are arriving as PC-specific changes. An HDR value mismatch causing incorrect HDR setups to display on the PS5 has also been rectified.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch notes
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch notes

Per the notes, update 1.04 has fixed various save state errors and streaming scenarios leading to black screens. Moreover, the vent in Stone Spires and the lightsaber marks will function properly from now on. Players can also no longer enter the progression-blocked state in Lucerhulk in the Respawn game. In addition, you don’t have to worry about falling through an elevator as this bug has been rectified.

This new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch has also overhauled an issue that made Rayvis unbeatable. Hence, you can beat the Shattered Moon boss with your skill from now on. Furthermore, it has fixed the audio in the narrative moment where the music was behaving incorrectly. A game-breaking bug emerging from an animation issue in a late-game narrative sequence has also been rectified.

Some players have been getting stuck inside the Meditation chamber but this fourth patch has finally fixed this issue. Moreover, a note will be available in the game now to explain that not all of BD-1’s abilities are available during combat. Update 1.04 has also improved text scrolling, fixed minor text translation, and fixed various crashes.

In addition, the devs are also investigating other issues in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for future patches. This includes performance improvement on i7 and i9 CPUs while upgrading GPU and CPU utilization on PCs. Work is also underway on PCs to improve hitching attributed to streaming raytracing data and assets. Furthermore, other bug fixes and improvements are in the works to better the game on all platforms.

Meanwhile, you can download this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC to improve the action title’s performance.

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