Stray Seemingly Might Be On Its Way Soon

The upcoming adventure game has received an age rating in Australia, possibly hinting towards an announcement regarding its release soon.

Indie games have come a long way. They’ve gone from being obscure and niche to being looked forward to by millions of gamers worldwide, in recent years especially. Some games however have huge hype behind them due to their unique ideas or the interest they spark due to their creative endeavours. One such game is Stray, first teased way back in 2020.

Ever since it was teased, it has grabbed the attention and curiosity of gamers worldwide. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a cat in a cyberpunk open-world setting? The beautiful visuals and alluring gameplay are not all Stray has to offer. At its heart, it is a story of family, as the player-controlled cat seeks to rejoin its family, and must be guided through the lush cyberpunk city teeming with robots and unknown dangers.

The concept is very unique, so no wonder gamers have been itching to try their hands at this beautiful game. Unfortunately, we have had no concrete information regarding the release date of the upcoming game and were only told that it was aiming for a 2022 release through its release window trailer.

Well, we may receive some further concrete information soon. The game recently received an age rating of 12 years in Korea, with the Korean board rating it for expression of minor violence, and expression of mild drugs. Earlier today, the Australian Government also gave Stray a PG rating, suggesting that the game may be released soon.

                                    Stray has been rated PG by the Australian Government

As can be seen, it has been rated PG in Australia for “Mild science”“fiction”, and “violence”. This certainly mirrors its rating in Korea. Many feared that Stray might get further delayed as there was no further information released after last year’s gameplay showcase. This rating, however, strengthens beliefs that Stray is well on its way to release probably pretty soon. Games only receive ratings after they have been fully developed, and undergone playtesting and review by rating boards so that they can be properly released.

While the game may be nearing release, it must also be noted that PEGI and ESRB have still not rated the product. PEGI and ESRB ratings are noted worldwide, so Stray has yet to fulfill a major part of its rating process. However, this does give hope to those impatiently awaiting the game’s release. Whether it releases pretty soon, later in this year, or maybe even next year due to unknown or unexpected circumstances, only time will tell.

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