Street Fighter 6 Confirms The Return of Classic Fighters In The New Trailer

Street Fighter 6 announces the return of several classic fighters and game modes in the new trailer

Street Fighter 6 had a blast at the TGS event and revealed a lot of content for the fighting game fans out there through a new Game Mode Trailer.

While the character roster was already leaked following the announcement of the game some months ago, the new trailer confirmed the return of some of the classic fighters from previous games for the upcoming Street Fighter 6. The characters confirmed in the trailer are Dhalsim, Ken, E. Honda, and Blanka.

Major Takeaway:

  • Sneak peek into the World Tour Game Mode.
  • New game mode trailer.
  • Battle Hub features.
  • Character customization features.
  • Closed Beta Test starting from October.
  • The game is confirmed for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Steam.
  • Several Classic Characters make their return.

Street Fighter 6 also revealed a sneak peek at the World Tour game mode where you can customize your own character and dive deep into the world of Street Fighter. You’ll be able to fight multiple characters, train with them and truly live up to the experience of the game with the single-player story mode. 

The character creation mode features a lot of options that you can tweak, along with their gear, to build a character that fits your preference in every way.

Street Fighter 6 will feature Luke as your World Tour Guide and he’ll show you the ropes of Metro City, where the single-player story mode will take place. You’ll be able to learn several moves and techniques from characters and make them your own which can then be used in battle or throughout the open world to make your life in the Metro City much easier.

You’ll also be able to join the Battle Hub with your avatar and build a party with other players to enjoy the game in new ways. You’ll be able to communicate with other fighters, have friendly matches, and make use of several other unique features. The Battle Hub can host up to 100 fighters at once, so you’ll be able to have fun with a lot of players from your region at once.

The Battle Hub will also feature game center cabinets where players can play the old classic games from the Street Fighter franchise. Tournaments will also be a periodic occurrence at the Battle Hub, which will let you compete with other fighters present in the hub for glory.

Street Fighter 6 also announced the closed beta test in October featuring cross-play. The game was also confirmed to release on PS5, PS4,  Steam, and Xbox Series.

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