Suicide Squad Details The Elseworld Concept; New Character Unveiled

This is not the Joker from the Arkhamverse, mind you.

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  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an up-and-coming shooter by Rocksteady and WB Games.
  • The game just received a new “Insider Episode” from the side of Rocksteady, revealing new details.
  • In the first season of the game, Joker will become a playable character alongside the rest of the squad. 

As Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League preps itself for launch early next month, developer Rocksteady Studios is pushing out many of the pivotal details surrounding its latest venture every week. The latest episode of its newly-started Suicide Squad Insider series has given birth to the Elseworlds concept that’ll act as a guiding principle in-game, right alongside a new character joining the ranks of the rest of the squad.

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Spoiler Alert: The following text contains a heavy spoiler for Batman: Arkham City.

This comes as a total surprise, you should know. The character that Rocksteady just revealed is the Joker, but if you’ve been even remotely following the Batman: Arkham franchise, you already know that this otherwise main antagonist was killed off in Batman: Arkham City, the second mainline game in the franchise, so how did Mr. J found himself back on the big screen again? 

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According to Rocksteady Studios director Darius Sadeghian, this is not the Joker that Batman: Arkham players are familiar with. Instead, it’s an alternate version of the character birthed from the concept of the Elseworlds. What’s that? Well, the plot of the game follows Brainiac experimenting with the DNA of various DC characters, leading to the creation of unique new worlds in other realities. Those worlds are being referred to as the “Elseworlds” in this context, and the Joker you see before you is from there.

When season one launches this March, you’ll be able to unlock a new playable character for your squad: The Joker. The original Arkhamverse Joker has been dead for five years, but this is a new Elseworlds twist on the villain. He was part of the Suicide Squad in the Elseworld that he’s from which already shows that he’s slightly more co-operative than the previous Joker we’ve had. But as you get used to him and actually play to him, you realize he’s unhinged in a different way,” says Rocksteady’s director. 

As teased last week, therefore, the Joker is heading to the game one month after the game’s release and will be a playable character from there on out with his own exclusive equipment to harness and employ. And not just him, Rocksteady has confirmed that more characters will follow suit for Suicide Squad, with some of them being highly unexpected to “see in a video game.” 

The Joker's Melee Finisher in Suicide Squad
The Joker’s Melee Finisher in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad has a release date of February 2, 2024, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Make sure to check out our exclusive report going over the authenticity of the game’s various leaks circulating the internet as of late.

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