The Original Tomb Raider Now Runs On The Game Boy Advance

The game now runs on the system thanks to the OpenLara project.

Tomb Raider is one of the cult classic franchises of gaming. With games, movies, novels and comics the game has developed a following in every sphere of entertainment. The game is present on almost every console in history. This is because of the OpenLara project which aims to port the game everywhere. It has successfully ported tomb raider 1-5 to many consoles. Now, due to their efforts Tomb Raider will be playable on another old console.

Tomb Raider now runs on the Game Boy Advance thanks to OpenLara. YouTuber Timur Gagiev has used OpenLara to run an early demo of the first game on the Game Boy Advance. He posted a video on his channel showing proof of this port. Currently, the project is in alpha stage. This is a really impressive port because Tomb Raider on a Game Boy Advance is something surreal. Porting the game on such an old console is a huge feat for OpenLara – who previously ported the game on the 3DO. The game is playable and runs well in this version. So, this port is a success for the game.

OpenLara is inspired by the OpenTomb project which was ceased. The aim of this project is to run the classic Tomb Raider games on all platforms. It even allows you to play the game in your browser. OpenLara is open-source so anyone can use the code to port the Tomb Raider games. So, almost every console, old or new, has the game now. 

The Original Tomb Raider Now Runs On Game Boy Advance
Tomb Raider running on the GBA – courtesy of Timur Gagiev

Timur Gagiev has also done some other ports for Tomb Raider. He has ported the game on the 3DO, which is another amazing port of his. Making the game run on an ancient console like the 3DO is a pretty big deal. So, its safe to say that Gagiev has made a good contribution in keeping Tomb Raider alive. 

The OpenLara project is great for the franchise. Not only does it popularize the older games, but also keeps the franchise up and running. Through this, the games are even more accessible and this keeps the Tomb Raider name in public eyes.

The Game Boy Advance port is not the smoothest, but is still something great. To see such a legendary game on the console is a great achievement. Hopefully, we see the game on other classic devices in the near future.

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