Warframe To Finally Get Cross-Save; New Expansion Reveal Incoming

Stay tuned to The Game Awards for the next info reveal.

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  • Warframe, a free-to-play shooter from 2013, is about to receive cross-platform save later in 2023.
  • According to a developer live stream, the title’s new narrative expansion reveal is coming soon.
  • More information concerning this will be revealed at The Game Awards on December 7. 

Warframe holds significance in the free-to-play genre of modern-day first-person shooter games, given how developer Digital Extremes has been supporting its venture consistently from the day it was released. Now, as we near the end of 2023, the action-adventure RPG is about to receive yet another narrative expansion in the name of Whispers in the Walls, along with a cross-save feature for aspiring players.

These announcements popped up during a developer live stream that ran on YouTube today, offering insights into Warframe’s upcoming content and core gameplay changes that are expected to roll out over the next few months. For reference, the part of the video focusing on cross-save takes flight from 1:25:39, with the Community Director Megan Everett expanding on the notion in question. 

YouTube video

The Warframe dev team believes that it’s more beneficial for them to phase out the arrival of cross-save in the game, considering how it’s a fairly technical functionality for the masses to adopt that could potentially lead to a downtime of the game’s servers and end up generating more harm than good. After the initial announcement, the game’s Creative Director Rebecca Ford expands on the latter.

So, in December, when Whispers in the Wall launches, so will cross-save. But, we are going to be rolling out cross-save in phases. We’re calling it a drip gate,” says Warframe’s Community Director.

“It would not be wise to just turn on cross-save for every single person who has ever asked for cross-save all at once. We need to load-manage and we need to phase it, so we can catch issues in batches rather than potentially being taken down due to infrastructure load, so it is very much going to be a staggered release over the course of the Whispers in the Wall launch window,” notes Rebecca Ford, Warframe’s Creative Director. 

As for the forthcoming expansion of the RPG, it’s been said to tune in on The Game Awards on December 7 and make sure to link your game account while doing so. That way, entrants would be eligible to receive a Sevagoth Warframe in-game, just for watching the live stream on Twitch. The devs released a teaser trailer for the new cinematic narrative in the meantime, but it’s merely a chip of what’s about to come. 

YouTube video

Warframe was initially released on March 25, 2013, for PC, and eventually found itself ported to a number of other platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and the most recent arrival of the title on Xbox Series X|S in 2021. If you’re a new player, here’s our specialized Warframe weapons tier list to know what guns to go after and which ones to avoid. 

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