Gotham Knights Developer, WB Montreal, Is Making A DC Game In Unreal Engine

This game could potentially be a single-player adventure, outside James Gunn's connected universe.

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  • WB Games Montreal is possibly developing a DC Universe game in Unreal Engine 5.
  • This will be a single-player adventure not connected to the James Gunn DC Universe.
  • A Multiplayer game is also in development by the Gotham Knights developer.

Even though DC video games took a nosedive with Gotham Knights, fans are still very excited about the future. James Gunn announced that his DC Universe will be connected across all forms of media, including games. Fans are obviously interested to know how this will shape future projects, and we might have a clue now.

According to a job listing, Warner Bros. Games Montreal is currently developing a DC Comics Universe title. Per the job listing, Unreal Engine is in use for this upcoming project, with the possibility of an upgrade to UE5. This game might also be a single-player adventure, further hyping us up.

DC Game Job listing
Job listing for the upcoming WB Games Montreal DC title.

Video games based on DC Comics had a pretty good time this last decade or so. Franchises like Batman: Arkham and Injustice have brought it a lot of commercial and critical success. So much so, that The first two titles in the Arkham series are in the greatest video games of all time conversation.

Hence, the Comic entity has had a decent cultural impact on gaming. But, that didn’t stop its most recent outing from being an incoherent mess in more than one way. Gotham Knights launched in the October of last year and was a critical failure, garnering average reviews due to its gameplay and story.

Fans were also not big fans of the dialogue, and the game failed to match the Batman: Arkham series. As a result, developer WB Games Montreal was unsuccessful in its latest attempt at a DC IP. But, the reception to the game has not stopped Warner Bros. from giving the studio another multiplayer project.

YouTube video

A few new DC Games are coming out soon, with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League being the closest. In addition to this, a Wonder Woman single-player game is also launching at an unannounced date. Now, another game will be a part of this slate as WB Games Montreal is also working on a DC Universe project.

According to a job listing, which James Sigfield brought to our attention, the studio is making a new DC game. In this job listing for Lead Gameplay Programmer, we gather how Unreal Engine will be in use for this title. WB Games Monreal did use Unreal Engine 4 to develop Gotham Knights.

DC Game job listing
Mention of Unreal Engine 5 in the job listing.

But, proficiency in Unreal Engine 5 is also a part of the job description. Meaning, that the studio could be possibly upgrading to the latest engine from Epic Games. As per Sigfield, this might be a single-player game, based on a specific character.

Even though there is nothing concrete to suggest that, there is no mention of multiplayer elements in the description. So, there is a high probability this is a new single-player game like Wonder Woman. Monolith is developing the latter, meaning this can’t be a job description for that game.

One thing to note is that it will not be a part of the James Gunn-connected DC Universe. WB Montreal has been working on it for quite some time according to James Sigfield. Hence, it will be a separate IP like the Arkham series and Injustice.

Players have already started predicting which character will be the focus of this title. We have seen snippets of both a Flash and Superman game in Unreal Engine 5. Even though they were fan-made, they did showcase how good the characters would look in a single-player game.

As of now, we have no idea and we are only guessing as to which character will be the center of this game. For all, we know it can be someone like Green Arrow or Deadshot. But, we hope that it will be based on an IP that fans like and WB Montreal will do a better job than Gotham Knights.

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