Wild Hearts’ Latest Update Brings A Gargantuan Amount Of Fixes & Adjustments

Wild indeed.

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  • Wild Hearts’ latest patch features an enormous list of fixes and balance changes. The update aims to address the overall gameplay, adding quality-of-life features, and ironing out prominent bugs.
  • The latest patch is the singular greatest list of fixes and balance adjustments for Wild Hearts since its release.

Wild Hearts‘ latest patch implements the greatest batch of fixes and balance adjustments to date. The patch notes go over the new additions in great detail as most of the fixes pertain to gameplay-specific issues. Following the release of this patch, much of the gameplay inconsistencies should no longer be a problem. The update includes balance adjustments of certain weapons and aims to address system discrepancies.

Some of the issues being resolved include the display of an incorrect number of bases after deploying a Ki Base. In addition, being staggered while using a Hand Cannon resulted in an unusually long recovery time. This has been rectified. Some of the issues involving the Bladed Wagasa including a reduced number of hits based on FPS settings and the inability to receive buffs have been resolved.

Wild Hearts Fixes
Wild Hearts Fixes

Furthermore, receiving damage even after activating Instinct Parry, inability to unleash the Karakuri Katana Unbound State in specific situations, and unexpected movement when performing certain attacks involving the Stake Karakuri have been addressed. Issues involving the reduction of the Valor Gauge when using a Nodachi, camera jank when using a Claw Blade, and several other errors have been addressed.

Moreover, players will no longer face a delay in movement after being staggered while equipped with a Nodachi. The patch features myriad other fixes for the game that you can go over for a better understanding of its latest update. Beyond these fixes, balance adjustments and improvements have also been implemented.

Improvements & Balance Changes In Wild Hearts

Players will now be able to dismantle all Karakuri placed by guests from the Detailed Map including the Dragon Karakuri. In addition, the stamina gauge will provide a visual indicator when you don’t have enough to perform an action. Voice chat functionality can be used during loading screens along with icons for buffs being streamlined.

Moving on, player inputs in Karakuri Stance will now prioritize the creation of Karakuri along with food buffs no longer being reset after resting at a Hunter’s Tent. You will now also be able to offer assistance on all quests from the Hunter’s Gate located in Minato. In addition to several other quality-of-life changes, the update brought a wide variety of balance adjustments.

Wild Hearts improvements and balance adjustments
Wild Hearts improvements and balance adjustments

The standard firing rate of the Hand Cannon has been increased. You can also interrupt the Hand Cannon’s fortified shot by placing Karakuri. Attack power for chains following a successful with a Bladed Wagasa has been buffed along with increased stamina recovery and the movement distance of Twenty Tatami Spit.

This is by far the largest batch of fixes and buffs for Koei Tecmo’s take on the hunting genre. It goes to show that the game not only has a lot of things that need to be ironed out but that the developers are constantly trying to enhance the experience.

Wild Hearts is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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