Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Patch 1.12 Improves Hidden Tome Drop Chance

Along with various other changes and performance fixes.

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  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update 1.12 has been released. It implements several notable buffs, including the Hidden Tome drop chance. 
  • In addition to the favorable adjustments, the patch also seeks to resolve various bugs impacting gameplay to provide a stable experience.

The latest update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is out and it improves the odds of collecting Hidden Tomes in the first DLC, Battle of Zhongyuan. According to the patch notes, the changes implemented make it so that if one of the two Hidden Tomes made available by defeating a boss had already been obtained, the likelihood of the boss dropping the other Tome will be higher.

Other adjustments accompany the increased drop chance as well. Enemy movement during battle will now pause when the acquisition notification for Hidden Tomes is displayed. Along with that, camera behavior when locked onto a Bingcan has been improved, the duration of Frozen Shot & the proportion of ice damage bound to weapons has been increased, and the visibility of Demonized Dian Wei’s Critical Blow has been enhanced.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty v1.12 patch notes.
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty v1.12 patch notes.

In addition, this new patch for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty also buffs the accessory drop rate increase granted by the special effect Drop Priority (Accessories) along with upward adjustments to the potential rarities of drop items within treasure chests in the battlefields Extra Story 1: Battle of Zhongyuan, A Solitary Resistance, A Solitary Resistance, In the Name of Elai, and A Requiem for the Deceased.

Major Bug Fixes In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty v1.12

Aside from the various buffs and adjustments, update 1.12 for Wo Long also addresses an array of bugs while enhancing the performance of the game. Bugs that caused copyright display discrepancies in the Photo mode, granted the special effect “Dual Halberds Damage” to cestuses, and prevented players from locking on to Bingcan have been resolved.

Furthermore, it is now possible for the player to progress if their co-op team disbands while a tutorial including videos is open on their screen. Other problems such as players being able to go outside the bounds of the current stage from certain locations, and character and stage models no longer being displayed after accepting a co-op invitation from the Travel menu have been addressed as well.

Additional bugs have also been ironed out to ensure a stable gameplay experience. Players can now discard duplicates of non-discardable equipment with the same name. Errors that prevented damage from being dealt by the second blow of the Fatal Strike sequence when performed against Huodou were also rectified. In addition, players can no longer break Oil Pots with Wizardry Spells from Phases other than Fire.

Lastly, screen blackouts after using the Travel function to initiate a mission, mouse selection operations being impacted by the Titles menu, Bingcan lock-on issues, along with various other bugs have been patched.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty along with its first DLC, Battle of Zhongyuan is out on now PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Game Pass, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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