Rumor: The Wonder Woman Game Could Get Crackdown-Like Traversal

Many details regarding the upcoming project have been outed.

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  • Monolith Productions has a Wonder Woman game in the works that it announced in 2021.
  • Various details regarding the project have surfaced as of late, thanks to a trusted industry insider.
  • It’s been said that the forthcoming title could feature Crackdown-like smooth traversal. 

Out of all the superheroes that have received a video game adaptation, Wonder Woman’s number is up next thanks to Monolith Productions. The project was first announced back in 2021, with the devs releasing a short teaser as well. Ever since then, word on the game has been almost radio silent, but thanks to known industry insider Shpeshal Nick, we now know what to expect from Wonder Woman. 

Sitting down in an episode of Xbox Era, Nick has offered interesting insights into the narrative-driven game that’s up and coming. But beware, folks, these are mere rumors at this point—don’t take them at face value. The insider is of the opinion that Wonder Woman will feature dashes, leaps, and jumps, which all make the traversal super smooth, just like Crackdown.

For those not in the know, Crackdown is another IP with a focus on open-world exploration. It features a central character with superhuman ability, being able to jump abnormal heights and whatnot. To catch Nick in action, skip on over to the 2:09:04th mark in the following video.   

YouTube video

Nick says,

Jumping and dashing and leaping feels really cool, like a good version of Crackdown, like Crackdown doesn’t already feel amazing.” Nick adds, “Lariat, the lasso, feels good to use, works kind of like Spider-Man’s webs, and you can, like, wrap it around people, slam them.” 

And that’s not even the half of it. It’s also been rumored that the current frame rate that Wonder Woman runs at is 30 FPS, but, and there’s a big but here, the developers are pushing for a performance mode that will eventually get the title up to a smooth 60 FPS frame rate for players across the board. In retrospect, Gotham Knights launched without 60 FPS either but is likely to get it down the road. 

YouTube video

More Rumored Wonder Woman Info 

Additionally, he remarked that Wonder Woman could also look “a bit better” visually as compared to Gotham Knights, especially when it’s patched with a performance mode. However, that isn’t to say that Rocksteady’s next iteration in the Batman: Arkham franchise isn’t a good-looking game; its graphics are fairly commendable but could use some polish here and there. 

Anyhow, the next key detail that has been uncovered for Wonder Woman is that it’ll feature fights with mobs, bosses, and mini-bosses, all the while allowing the player to open chests for loot, pretty much like God of War Ragnarok, as Nick denotes. The player is likely to be able to acquire armor pieces as they go along the single-player campaign, such as boots, bracers, torso equipment, and more.  

Furthermore, the insider in question also speaks of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane or Invisible Jet—the aircraft that Diana finds in the comics to aid her in her superhero stuff. Nick says that the vehicle will be present in the game, though we’re not sure to what extent will the player be able to utilize it. And as previously announced, the Nemesis mechanic will be making a return in the title as well. 

YouTube video

For those that missed it, both the Wonder Woman title and Warner Bros. Games have been subject to criticism as of late, when job listings surrounding the upcoming project were spotted that hinted at live service elements, much to the fans’ disappointment. However, the company took quick notice of the brewing matter and clarified, “Wonder Woman is not being designed as a live service.”

The game currently has no release date, and WB Games has been fairly quiet on the project ever since it revealed it to the masses. Earlier this week, the publisher announced that its focus is shifting toward transforming its biggest franchises to live service models, and the general consensus on that statement isn’t looking so hot. 

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