Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Hints a Possible Return of The Iconic 1 vs 100 Game

The golden gem from 360 days might be back!

During Fanfest Interview, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer hinted at the possibility of a new trivia game. Spencer said that that they were planning a fan fest trivia, and the entire team was working on the project. However, it didn’t turn out the way they wanted. He continued saying we are still planning to do something… “maybe we should even be building our own trivia game like from our past and allow people to play a trivia game more often. Maybe that could happen.”

1 vs 100
1 vs 100 Gameplay

Here is the statement in full.

“I just wanted to say for all the teams behind the scenes and in front of the scenes. We like to try to do new things, want to challenge ourselves… we know we missed the fanfest over the summer, and when the team said “hey we’re going to try to do a fan fest trivia, we’re going to do it online. we’re going to put up a site and we’re going to go make it. Obviously, it didn’t all turn out the way we wanted but I just want to say, when our teams are trying to do new things that we’ve never done before, I want to be 100% behind those things. Sometimes they will turn out amazing, and sometimes they turn out to be a learning experience. But for all the fans that have been on this with us, we are going to make it good with you guys, we don’t know exactly what it is yet, so thanks for hanging with us and our little experiment, we’ll learn, maybe we should even be building our own trivia game like from our past and allow people to play a trivia game more often. Maybe that could happen”

After his statement ended, the two hosts chuckled, because obviously, only one game comes to our mind, and that is the iconic MMO 1 vs 100 game from Xbox 360 days. The game was a fan favorite, and Phil Spencer has continually talked about it.

1 vs 100

Last year, Phil Spencer confidently said that they were planning to do the 1 vs 100 again, however, few problems related to the game’s IP have continually popped up. He did say they were looking for alternatives

“We’re out there kind of looking at ideas and talking to teams. Because I think that was one of those ideas and it’s a cliche, almost… that might’ve been a little ahead of its time.”

Other than Phil, Dave McCarthy, general manager at Microsoft studious also indicated a possible rerelease on Xbox One.

“It has a good image here, The approach is something we really enjoyed. We will do something in the future for Xbox One that is like that because spiritually we thought it was a pretty cool experience ourselves.”

There aren’t any particular known reasons as to why 1 vs 100 stopped. Major reports claim that the game wasn’t making money, even though it had tons of advertisements. Others suggest that there were rifts with the Dutch Game show owners, and things were shaky. Fans have continuously brought the game to the discussion, and a return with pandemic ongoing won’t be too bad.


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