Xbox Game Pass Has Surpassed 23 Million Members In April 2021

It's a games galore out there

It’s no surprise that Xbox Game Pass is one of the best, if not the best altogether, gaming subscription services out there. What it brings to the table for such an inexpensive price is far better than any of its competitors. The broad consensus affirms that getting Game Pass for your Xbox console or PC is simply a no-brainer, and recent figures pertaining to its growth show just that.

Jez Corden is a well-established British journalist and an industry expert who’s been in the business long enough to earn a label of authenticity. His reply to Shpeshal Ed’s tweet has confirmed that the famous Game Pass service has crossed 23 million members as of April 20.

Jez Corden on Twitter
Jez Corden on Twitter

To be fair, it’s only a matter of time before those numbers get significantly increased. The fact that all Xbox exclusive games among a plethora of third-party and first-party blockbusters make haste to Game Pass on launch day is enough to have simpletons like us convinced and sold.

What’s more, is that rumors have been circulating regarding the expansion of Game Pass even beyond EA Play. It seems that Ubisoft+ might also be joining hands with this steal of a deal later this year, but we’ve yet to hear more word on this currently.

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