Rumor: Industry Insider Suggests Ubisoft Plus Might Join Hands With Xbox Game Pass

The renowned journalist hints toward a big scene

Jez Corden is a well-accredited British journalist who also happens to write for Windows Central – a popular tech website. He’s also a trusted insider who’s leaked much information in the past, and a lot of it came out to be true. For instance, in the times of E3 2019, he called many surfacing leaks false, and it did turn out that way.

According to his recent tweet, there’s a “strong” chance of Ubisoft and Game Pass collaborating and merging into one. For gamers, this would be massive, and the thought also has everyone at Exputer excited too. Corden says that this is based on the information he has received, and speculation tells us that he’s rarely ever wrong.

Jez Corden Rumor Tweet
Jez Corden Rumor Tweet

However, he also says that the subscription that would come into effect will only offer older Ubisoft games and the latest titles will be added to the service after 1 year of their release date. This is similar to what EA Play provides.

However, the possible pricing here is a point to ponder on. People say that a new tier will be added to the Xbox Game Pass, priced a tad bit above the regular subscription costs – $14.99 per month for Game Pass Ultimate.

As feasible as that sounds, Phil Spencer said that he’s often asked whether Game Pass is an idea for racking up Xbox’s user-base and later increasing the prices. To this, he has replied, “There is no plan for us to do anything like that,” and that Game Pass is “sustainable.” This happened in a Twitch stream that you can check here.

However, as trustworthy as Jez Corden is, it’s probably too soon for coming to a definitive conclusion. This is, indeed, a big deal and would truly change the game, no pun intended.

Are you as curious as we are to know what the future holds? Let us know in the comments below.

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