Garry’s Mod Modder Known For Creating The Legendary Tool Gun Died Last Week, Friends Confirm

He was renowned in the Garry's Mod community.

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  • A Source Engine modder Dave Hunt, aka Dav0r, known for creating the legendary Tool Gun for Garry’s Mod died aged 35 last week.
  • Dave was known as an easy-going and quite approachable humorous guy.
  • His death was confirmed by his friends who did not give a specific cause of his death.
  • Dav0r became a renowned name in the Facepunch community so his death has left the community agreived. 

The Garry’s Mod’s Source Engine modder Dave Hunt, aka Dav0r, has died at the age of 35. He was widely known in the community for the creation of one the most useful and iconic Garry’s Mod customization tools, the Tool Gun. The news of his death was confirmed by Dave’s friends without specifying the cause of his death.

Dav0r created the legendary tool in his teens. The gun is basically a revolver with a screen attached to it and a bunch of spinning wires. The screen allows the players to access different functions of the Tool Gun including weldwinchrope, and pulley among others. The tool was very impactful and became an integral part of Garry’s Mod.

Tool Gun render uploaded by Dave on his ArtStation last month.
Tool Gun render uploaded by Dave on his ArtStation last month.

It earned Dav0r much reverence in the Facepunch community and made him a renowned face. That’s why his death has taken the Garry’s Mod community by shock. Commenting on his death Garry Newman, the founder of Garry’s Mod developing studio Facepunch, said he had known him for almost 20 decades. Talking to PC Gamer, he further said,

Like most Facepunchers, he didn’t take things too seriously, always joking, easygoing. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. It was so unexpected that I did consider it might be a joke—because that was exactly his sense of humour.”

Dav0r’s close friend was the one who announced his death on the studio’s Discord where he worked as a community manager formerly. Hezzy talked about the impact Dav0r had left on the community and the legacy of his work. In his statement on the server, he said,

Dav0r made a significant impact on our community, leaving a lasting legacy we’ll forever cherish his unique brand of humour.”  

Dav0r even contributed to another Facepunch project, Jabroni Brawl 3. He made several 3D models for the game. The community has organized a memorial for him where those who interacted with him or have a fond memory can share their experiences by filling up a Google form

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Sandbox gaming has been around for decades now, though it took some time to become mainstream and had help from the likes of The Sims. The genre-defining moment came years later with the release of Garry’s Mod in 2006. The sandbox game allowed players to build and customize their own tools and weapons and all sorts of gameplay equipment. Garry’s Mod’s Tool Gun was one such tool.

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