Eidos Montréal Might Have Multiple Games In Development Currently

The careers section is brimming with interesting news

Eidos Montréal is the developer behind the critically acclaimed Deus Ex franchise, among other high-grossing video game series and individual titles. This studio is owned by parent company Square Enix which all of us know as the mastermind behind Final Fantasy.

On EM’s official careers page, Redditor NeoStark has managed to spot the opening for a Build Master. To our surprise, the company is actually “seeking a build master to design, implement, and maintain a centralized pipeline supporting more than four simultaneous video game productions.”

Eidos Montréal Job Listing
Eidos Montréal Job Listing

Eidos Montréal has surely pumped up the ante and is hyping up a bright future for fans and gamers alike. Will we get to see another Deus Exus despite the not-so-great performance of the last entry in the series, Mankind Divided? Or, the 4 video games are entirely new concepts?

It could be that the mentioned number of games in the job listing aren’t all exclusive to the studio. We have Marvel’s Avengers to back up that statement since Eidos Montréal only helped out with it while the majority of the development was handled by Square Enix itself.

It’s safe to say that nothing’s sure-fire for now. However, with this open position of a Build Master, it’s guaranteed that we’re going to hear from this studio in the near future.

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