Former Coalition’s Senior Environment Artist Joins Compulsion Games

Dylan Abernethy is joining Compulsion Games who are best known for We Happy Few.

Conquest of abounding game studios under XGS to hire prominent figures is well underway. For instance, a week ago, the former Redstorm Environment artist joined InXile Entertainment. Folks hypothesize that Xbox Game Studios are expanding their team with renowned developers to meet the standards of their future games. This endeavor will also aid Xbox to dominate the next generation of consoles. Nonetheless, it’s a win-win situation for gamers.

Dylan Abernethy To Join Compulsion Games

Dylan Abernethy is shaking hands with Compulsion Games tomorrow. This news was well-received by his fans and for the game studio itself. Deep immersion is nearly impossible if the game has no sense of art or direction; that is where environment artists and model artists play a role. An AAA game is incomplete without an artist, after all. They blend the artistic realism of the natural world into the virtual counterpart to make it as riveting as possible. Bug polishing to crafting props that blend in the environment are a few things a senior environment artist has to achieve. 

It is no surprise that Dylan joining Compulsion Games will brighten up the future for the company. The expertise of Dylan and the storytelling of Compulsion Games ought to boost up the studio to the moon. 

Abernethy has worked amidst the giants of game studios. Those companies include The Coalition Studios and Ubisoft Toronto. Some of his accomplishments include taking part in crafting the Gears of War series as a Senior Environment Artist. Abernethy excels at crafting props environment art. He also creates tutorials for anyone interested in pursuing his footsteps. So why not take a look

Dylan Abernethy
Dylan Abernethy’s experience

Compulsion Studio is set in an old humble gramophone factory where the team merges their prowess to mold story-oriented titles. They have worked on two titles, namely Contrast and We Happy Few, that left a mark on the gaming industry. They are known for yielding captivating storytelling experiences.

We Happy Few comes to mind when I mull about Compulsion Games. It intertwined a bit of everything from storytelling to rogue-lite elements. It took place in a failing society; The game uses procedural generation to build the structures of some parts of the game world at the advent of each playthrough. The first-person stealth game excels at crafting a dystopian English city where the only way to survive is to pop some hallucinogenic pills.

In the past, Dylan worked with Coalition Studios for two years. However, they parted ways on good terms. Dylan played a significant role in Coalition and brightened up the team. He described the experience to be full of unforgettable memories and complimented the team at Coalition. Dylan also pointed out new IPs that Coalition is forging for next-gen. While I do not want to dive into the speculation territory, I can’t help but imagine that a new Gears of War game will be announced soon. However, that is completely speculative of what Dylan stated in his Tweet.

Overall for Dylan, completion of one journey unfolds the origin of a new one. The future title of Compulsion Games ought to involve Dylan‘s artistic skills alongside their beguiling storytelling. The gaming industry looks forward to Dylan‘s future endeavors; we wish him the best from Exputer. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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