PS5 Users Spent More Time Playing Single-Player Games Than Multiplayer Ones

Yet even more leaked Insomniac slides have revealed interesting PlayStation data.

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  • Newly leaked PlayStation data has revealed that PS5 users spent more time playing single-player offline titles than others.
  • The multiplayer online and F2P titles appeared to be leagues behind in the charts as of January 2023.
  • The charts reveal a slew of other notable details. PS5 users had a lower initial engagement ramp up rate than PS4 users.

The Insomniac Games leak has seemingly opened a portal to a wealth of details that gamers could never access before. Now, a newly leaked presentation has just shed light on the demand for single-player titles in the era of multiplayer and live-service genres. As initially shared by the user @FunkyClam on Twitter, the slides show that PS5 users have played more single-player games than multiplayer and F2P titles as of January 2023.

The charts for PS5 shows different metrics of PS games and monthly gameplay activity.
The charts for PS5 reveal different metrics of PS games and monthly gameplay activity.

The feat confirms that offline single-player games stood atop the F2P and PlayStation Plus-gated multiplayer titles based on hours played. On the right slide, the data shows that offline games remained dominant throughout the lifespan of PS5 since November 2020. There was not even a single month where free-to-play and multiplayer titles were ahead of single-player offline titles, showing their demand and likability in the community.

The left slide emphasizes the PlayStation 5 monthly gameplay activity. The gameplay monthly active users slowly grow after each month, rising enormously from December 2022 to February 2023. On the flip side, the monthly hours per account fluctuate up and down each month, evidently peaking at 62 million hours.

February 2023 gameplay generated 3 billion hours of gameplay across PS4 and PS5.
February 2023 gameplay generated 3.6 billion hours of gameplay across PS4 and PS5.

To further show the demand for offline games over F2P and Plus-gated online ones, a slide details the total gameplay hours produced by each type as of February 2023. The results are as you would expect; out of the total 3.6B amassed hours, offline single-player titles amounted to a gargantuan 2.1 billion. F2P hours amounted to 914 million, and online gameplay was at 595 million. Each month follows a similar pattern, as shown in the slide.

The slide predicts that more new PS5 users got the console compared to PS4 migrators.
The slide predicts that more new PS5 users bought the console compared to PS4 users migrating to it after May 2023.

The PlayStation 5 has mostly outperformed its predecessor. One of the slides included the decreasing rate between new to PlayStation 5 users and PS4 to PS5 migrators during last year. It predicted that both parties of users would match evenly in May 2023, after the difference between both users continued to decline for a long time. It means that a lot of new gamers have purchased PS5 rather than PS4 users who migrated.

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Judging by the projection, the “new to PS5” users would have eventually outpaced the other group by now. A similar pattern followed for the PS4, after all. However, the engagement ramp up speed for the new PS5 users was lesser than PS4 users due to a lack of new open world and live-service games at the advent of current-gen.

In related news, slides leaked in the past also showed the demand for remastered titles compared to new releases, explaining PlayStation’s recent strategies.

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Never had PS anything. Looks like PS5 would be an environment where I would find future games oriented toward OFF-LINE play.

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