Supermassive Games Developing A Project Besides Dark Pictures Anthology

Trademark for the new project, "The Quarry" was sighted.

It’s scarce how game studios merge the horror and the drama genre into a satisfying consistency. Both genres are excellent on their own. However, the combination of both elements leaves an indelible aftertaste. Supermassive Games achieved that through their prominent title Until Dawn. The studio is credited for crafting highly rated story-oriented titles. Released in 2015, the interactive drama horror left the fate of in-game characters in players’ hands.

The multi-linear narrative was an innovative take on the horror genre. Each choice altered the game’s story resulting in scenarios where in-game characters could die or live. The correct use of the butterfly effect in the game can be pretty powerful, and Supermassive Games has fraternized with that theory in their games.

Supermassive Games Working On A New Title 

A new Supermassive Games trademark has been uncovered, which signifies that the studio isn’t developing its Dark Pictures anthology solely. Supermassive Games has received a brand with the name The Quarry. The name may be utilized in “gaming software, entertainment, and computer programming services,” which reveals Supermassive’s intent to use it for a new title.

As uncovered by the Twitter user @the_marmolade, the logo and title for the new title, The Quarry, has been enlisted with EUIPO( European Union Intellectual Property Office.)

However, this was already hinted at by a ResetEra forums user. “redbomb6” post from February 10th stated that Supermassive was developing ‘The Quarry‘ and would be revealed shortly. Moreover, it will use the cover song by Wise Up by Aimee Mann. It is worthy of mention that the title wasn’t trademarked until February 17th. So it was leaked prior seven days with the minor details. This project doesn’t use the Dark Pictures branding and is separate.

Supermassive Games Five Recent Trademarked Titles

That’s not all; it is now confirmed that Supermassive Games is developing the Dark Pictures anthology. Currently, three parts exist. The 4th one should come out this year. Moreover, at the advent of 2022, information surfaced regarding five more trademarks in the Dark Pictures anthology. The five recently trademarked titles are yet to be announced. 

All in all, Supermassive Games is brewing a lot in their studio. It may take a year or more before we hear anything about the five recent trademarked titles. The Quarry seems too distant in the future as of now. However, Supermassive may hint at these games in the future. What are your thoughts about The Quarry? What type of game will it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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