Nintendo Switch Sales Down By Nearly 20% From Last Year

The company predicts even more decrement in the upcoming fiscal year.

The entirety of the gaming world was very excited about the release of the Nintendo Switch back in 2017. Many thought that the new console wouldn’t perform very well but it blew everyone away. It exceeded expectations in every sense and sold more than analysts ever thought it would. Nintendo Switch became one of the biggest consoles on the planet and it’s still holding this title. Even after 5 years since its original release, the console is selling like hotcakes around the world. However, the fourth-quarter report for the year ending on March 31, 2022, shows a decline and it’s expected to go further with time.

Nintendo Switch sold slightly over 23 million units in 2021, according to a recent report pertaining to the fiscal year from 2021 to 2022. From March 31, 2021, to March 2022, Nintendo shipped 23.06 million units of the Nintendo Switch worldwide, which is almost 20% less than the shipments for the console during the previous fiscal year — 28.83 million sales (comparison statistics by @pierre485_). Almost 4 million of these units were in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, according to the financial report.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch sales graphically compared by fiscal years. | Source: @pierre485_/Twitter

Furthermore, a prediction of 21 million shipments for the console has been made for the next fiscal year ending on March 31, 2023, decreasing even further than this fiscal year. However, the console is now at 107.65 million total sales across the world after achieving the massive 103.54 million sales milestone in back February, exceeding sales for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 1.

Among the 4 million units of the Nintendo Switch sold this quarter, 1.77 million sales were of the base version. Nintendo Switch Lite sold just 13% of the amount with 0.53 million units sold. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch – OLED Model accounted for the most sales this quarter, selling 1.81 million units and constituting 44% of the units shipped in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

Strikingly, 55.77 million games were sold on the Nintendo Switch in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. In total, the family of systems has shipped 822.18 million units of games. Numbers like these tell players how immensely successful the Nintendo Switch has been. However, the console has much to prove in the coming months, since the company predicts no increment in sales whatsoever.

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