Opera GX Has Surpassed 20 Million Monthly Active Users

The gaming browser has reached this impressive milestone just 3 years after launching.

Gaming has a wide scope with dozens of ways for players to enjoy their favorite games. This is the feature that makes the industry so competitive and valuable, and PC gaming sums that up perfectly. Gaming on PCs gives fans much more options and one of those options is the browser you use for gaming. 

We all know about browsers like Chrome and Edge, but Opera’s GX browser has made waves in gaming recently. Opera built this browser specifically for gaming and after promoting it heavily, their efforts are paying off. GX now has more than 20 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), a milestone it reaches only 3 years after its release.

Major Takeaways

  • Opera GX now has over 20 million Monthly Active Users (MAU).
  • Partnerships with influencers alongside a unique browser have helped it reach this stage.
  • The average user keeps the browser open for 8 hours a day.

The company broke the news on its official website just recently. Opera called this milestone a sign of how successful GX has been as a catapult to broaden the company’s horizons. Gaming was a market the Norwegian company wanted to tap, and Opera GX has allowed them to do exactly that.

Even though Google’s Chrome and Microsoft‘s Edge are bigger brands, Opera GX has been much more popular among gamers. And, that is no coincidence as Opera made this browser with utilities tailored specifically for players. Co-CEO Lin Song talks about this in the press release on the Opera website:

Our decision to pair our existing 320-plus million user base with products tailored to benefit specific segments has allowed us to successfully scale in high-ARPU markets and among attractive user groups.”

Hence, the browser has become an important part of the company since its release, further showcasing its success.

But, this triumph isn’t a fluke as Opera GX is the perfect example of making use of an opportunity. When big names like Chrome and Edge weren’t doing anything special to accommodate the huge number of gamers, Opera took their spot.

It made a browser unique to gaming with brilliant interactivity, resourceful features, and an aesthetic to match it. However, its biggest task was getting into the limelight and infiltrating the market to become the first choice of gamers in 2019. Opera GX did that in a genius way by developing partnerships with influencers and streamers.

According to the press release, the browser has worked with over 5,300 influencers in gaming. By doing this, the 2019 browser became a part of gaming pop culture and streamers spread the word about this browser. There is no better way to become part of an ecosystem than influencers and Opera GX proved that. 

Gaming as a medium stays alive online so any client needs to have an active presence on the internet. Besides providing the best conditions to play games in its browser, Opera GX interacts with its users regularly. There is an active Discord server for the browser and a Twitter account that regularly posts, making it easy for players to engage. 

Opera GX boasts a dedicated community due to these interactions. Most games are from Gen Z and a presence on the internet is essential in pulling them on board. EVP of Browsers and Gaming at opera, Krystian Kolondra, also talked about the dedication the users have:

We are thrilled to have built an ecosystem loved by such a strong and dedicated community of gamers, with the vast majority being Gen Zers. Our current user base is as robust and engaged as when we started. “

According to the press release the average user spends 8 hours with the browsers open. With more collaborations on the way, Opera GX is only going to get bigger. Kolondra also mentioned this by saying that the opportunity is huge:

The size of the opportunity is still massive: we are very excited about reaching more gamers in even more regions in the years to come – we’re only getting started.”

Opera GX recently partnered up with TikTok for the #GamingforAll initiative and it was a massive success. The campaign got over 262 million views worldwide and knowing the popularity of TikTok, certainly helped GX gain users. With a new TV Show on gaming arriving in many countries, Opera GX is only going to grow and we are here for it.

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