Disney Dreamlight Valley Appears On SteamDB

Gameloft's previously rumoured Disney Dreamlight Valley has appeared on SteamDB, suggesting an official announcement soon.

Disney Dreamlight Valley was first rumoured to be released back in July 2020 when a survey for “Disney Cloudfall Village,” which was supposedly the previous name decided for the game, started appearing across Facebook. According to the survey, the upcoming game is supposedly a “life simulation game tailored around some beloved Disney/Pixar characters.” However, it does not include any Marvel Entertainment or Star Wars characters.

Since then, there hasn’t been much news regarding the upcoming game, until last month, when it was rated on ESRB for Windows PC platforms. However, no further information was provided by Gameloft besides the confirmation of the name. Last week, u/LongJonSiIver came across a few data-mined files that he posted on r/LeaksAndRumors, which gave us some more insight as to what we can expect from the game. However, it now seems like the game may be officially announced very soon, as suggested by a recent product page for Disney Dreamlight Valley that we recently came across on SteamDB.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Project Superstars name recently changed to Disney Dreamlight Valley on SteamDB. | Source: SteamDB

According to the recent product page, “Project Superstars,” which was previously the codename for the game, has been changed to “Disney Dreamlight Valley.” Previously, there had also been a product page for the game’s pre-testing, named “Project Superstars for Testing,” at the start of September 2021. The change of the name from Project Superstars to Disney Dreamlight Valley suggests that the game may finally be close to release and could possibly be officially announced soon.

While we don’t know much about this upcoming game from Gameloft, we might be getting some more details from the company soon. However, all of this is speculation at the moment, as there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding this, so do take this information with a grain of salt. Either way, it’s intriguing to see what the company comes up with this time, particularly since Gameloft is primarily a mobile games developer.

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