Halo Infinite Rumored to Launch This December

Finishing this fight, December 8th.

According to multiple sources, it has been confirmed that Halo Infinite’s campaign will be launching on the 8th of December. One of the sources, which is a Spanish website, has also confirmed the legitimacy of this claim stating on Twitter that:

JFYI: this Microsoft Store listing has been live since August 26, 2020, with a placeholder release date. They updated the entire store listing a few hours ago, with the new release date (and new description, screenshots…)

The release date is also corroborated by another source from a Taiwanese online shopping site that also lists the release date as December 8th.

The Taiwanese site page is in Mandarin but the release date for Halo Infinte is still visible as December 8th.

Halo Infinite has been privy to numerous delays and setbacks throughout its development, the game was revealed at E3 2020 to a mixed reception from gamers citing its visuals but also noticing its improvements in gameplay and a return to the more classic open scale maps of the previous Halo games. The mixed reception was also one of the reasons for the game’s indefinite delay. The developers have also had to suffer through various setbacks with key figures from the team leaving partway through the game’s development.

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The game has since been shown numerous times with much greater improvements and even had a multiplayer beta recently which came out to a mostly positive reception from Halo fans. Any further details are very likely to be shown at Gamescom tonight where gamers can likely expect some new game announcements and various new gameplay from previously unannounced titles. Gamescom properly starts tonight and is expected to run till this Friday, August 27th. 

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