Bend Studio’s Upcoming Title Supposedly Merges Action And Stealth

Bend Studio, the developer behind the Days Gone franchise, is rumored to be working on a new project that combines Hitman and Metal Gear Solid V in an open-world setting.

The colossus of the video games industry, Sony, has various prominent studios under its umbrella. Bend Studio is one of them. It is responsible for crafting engaging titles, such as the Syphon Filter series and the Uncharted games, over the decades and has shaken the genre of AAA titles. It is fair to say that Bend Studio bent the concept of zombies in video games with its latest title, Days Gone. The hordes of ravaging zombies gave players the chills and set a new standard for zombie-related video games.

Naturally, fans of Days Gone were looking forward to a sequel, but it was canceled for the time being. Sony did not give the studio the green light, which caused frustration for the players and Bend Studio alike. However, the sad news has not halted the studio from brewing its next title.

Recently, according to an accredited industry insider and a leaker, Onion00048, Bent Studios’ next title is inspired by the studio’s previous work, Syphon Filter. It is hinted to be an action and stealth game based in an open-world setting. The alluring title also supposedly merges the likes of Hitman and Metal Gear Solid V with denser and detailed locations. Moreover, the title will incorporate multiplayer elements in it, with a cooperative mode and online play included.

Another industry insider has also given additional information regarding this peculiar project. The codename for this project is supposed to be “Project Propaganda”. The game is set in a late Cold War setting with elements of action sprinkled in the title. According to the source, development is at its maximum speed but the game is not ought to arrive until a couple of years, so we may not be hearing anything official anytime soon.

Of course, we suggest taking this information with a hefty pinch of salt, since no concrete evidence backs this rumor up. Although a LinkedIn profile previously showed that Bend Studio has been making a AAA open-world game since 2019, these instances might be related. We may get a revolutionary stealth-based open-world game if this is true, however. All in all, we look forward to what Bend Studio has planned for the future.

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