PS4 Games Are Showing Up As PS3 Games On The PSN

PS4 games have 0% trophy completion and show PS3 as their platform.

The PlayStation Network is pretty good at handling the 100 million players who use it. The entertainment service has been beneficial since its inception in 2006. There haven’t been many problems with the system in the past few years. Minor errors aside, it has held up pretty well. But, players are having a bit of a problem with trophy information present on the network.

The PS4 games on the network are weirdly showing up as PS3 games. The error also shows the trophy progress as 0%. This is only showing on the PlayStation 5, and many players have reported this. So, if you are facing this, you aren’t the only one. 

A screenshot from a NeoGAF user shows this error very clearly. This screenshot also highlights the 0% trophy clearance. It is on all the games available on the PlayStation 5 currently.

PS4 Games Are Showing Up As PS3 Games On The PSN
The bug is apparent in this picture.

This bug is also present on the PS App. So, everything connected with the PSN is affected. Many players around the world are facing this problem. But, the PS5 games remain the same. They appear as standard on the network. So, only the PS4 games are facing this problem as of now.

A Reddit user – Marcus_W90 – also posted that they were facing this issue. He noticed that his PS4 trophies were missing. Instead, he was seeing PS3 trophies with 0% progress. Many users agreed in the comments stating that they were also facing the same issue. What’s weird is that even the PS app was showing the same thing. 

PS4 Games Are Showing Up As PS3 Games On The PSN
PS3 images are shown on a PS4 – courtesy of Marcus_W90

Most probably, this is just another bug that Sony will fix. But, can it be something more? The rumors of backward compatibility for PS3 games have been flying around the past few days. The PS5 is getting the older PlayStation games, according to many leaks. So, fans think this might be an indication of that change. This could be Sony‘s way of retaliating to the news about Microsoft purchasing Activision Blizzard recently. 

Right now, we are in the deep speculative territory, so take everything here with a grain of salt. We don’t know if this hints at the PS3 backward compatibility or just a random error. Whatever it is, we hope Sony fixes it quickly. Only time can tell if this is a precursor to backward compatibility or not. The issue is supposedly fixed now. All users can now see their correct trophies. 

What do you make of this? As always, we’d advise against getting hyped beyond all reason in the comments section below.

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