Shadowrun Trilogy Supposedly Coming To PlayStation 4

An entry for the game has seemingly been made on the PlayStation Network backend.

If you are a hardcore RPG fanatic, there is every chance you have heard of Shadowrun. A science fantasy game with elements of both cybernetics and magic, the series is a cult classic. The game has a complex narrative filled with different storylines in a futuristic setting. So, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular among players. Last year, the three most popular games of the franchise got announced as a part of the Shadowrun Trilogy. While only the Nintendo Switch and PC are going to get the game officially, the PlayStation 4 could also be getting it now, according to a recent data mine.

Apparently, an entry for the Shadowrun trilogy has been made on the PlayStation Network backend, according to a newly discovered data mine by u/the_andshrew on r/GamingLeaksAndRumors. The data miner also gave TitleId and ConceptId of this published entry on the PlayStation Network backend, CUSA28605_00, CUSA28614_00, and 10002084 respectively. Furthermore, links to two images of the game’s alleged PlayStation 4 concept art were also posted by the data miner. Considering the redirect links, they are from the PlayStation Network, so that’s definitely some solid evidence to show for this entry. Notably, the game is present as “Shadowrun” and not “Shadow Run” on the PlayStation Network backend.

Shadowrun Trilogy

Shadowrun Trilogy

Most of the time, if a game is present on the PlayStation Network backend, a PlayStation release is basically a certainty. The same data miner is also responsible for discovering The House of the Dead: Remake’s entry on the PlayStation Network backend, so they have some credibility. At the moment, however, this is still only speculation but Shadowrun Trilogy may well be coming to the PlayStation 4.

Officially, Shadowrun Trilogy is only going to come out on the Nintendo Switch and PC. No other console is getting it as of now, according to the publisher, Paradox Interactive. So, this is the first evidence that the game could come out on the PlayStation 4 as well. Hopefully, this does materialize and we get to see Shadowrun Trilogy on the console soon.

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