Sony Pushes Out Silent PSVR2 Update Alongside New PS5 Patch

The improvements are more noticeable across Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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  • Sony just pushed out a new PS5 system software update, bringing forth a unique set of highly sought-after features to the PlayStation 5. 
  • Some of the recently added functionalities revolve around Discord voice chat (finally), multiple other social UX features, and new gameplay and personalization options. 
  • What’s been kept under the radar, however, is that the PSVR2—Sony’s recently launched next-gen VR headset—has also received multiple new improvements. 
  • Users on Reddit have been notified that they’ve received a prompt to update their PSVR2 systems as well right after the latest PS5 firmware update. 
  • The refinements that PSVR2 owners have highlighted include finer Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Call of the Mountain graphics.

The latest firmware update for the PlayStation 5 has brought a number of noteworthy changes to the console, but what’s been silently pushed out alongside it is an update for the PSVR2, as individuals on Reddit have pointed out. Following the global roll-out of the new PS5 system software patch, the PSVR2 has been prompting users for a new update as well, but this hasn’t been officially acknowledged as of yet.

After installing the update it also gives a new update for PSVR2 headsets. from PSVR

Users on other popular gaming forums such as NeoGAF have corroborated the update as well. Reportedly, one of the major improvements that have arrived in the wake of the new update seems to point toward the VR experience of Gran Turismo 7. Many are saying that the graphical quality has been improved and the blur has depreciated to a decent extent. 

by u/XenomorphXx121 from discussion After installing the update it also gives a new update for PSVR2 headsets.

Another Redditor has tested the game after the silent PSVR2 update. Glad tidings were reported by them as well.

by u/Jimmy-Profit from discussion After installing the update it also gives a new update for PSVR2 headsets.

A person on NeoGAF is of the following opinion. A little over two weeks ago, Gran Turismo 7’s devs announced that the game would receive a free PSVR2 update, and rightfully so. Fast-forward to this date, the magic of VR has been nothing but awe-inspiring on Sony’s latest VR headset. But, that’s no cue for the developers of the racing simulator to wind things down a notch. Continued improvements are underway, evidently.

NeoGAF Comment Reporting Improved Gran Turismo 7 Graphics
NeoGAF Comment Reporting Improved Gran Turismo 7 Graphics

One more PSVR2 owner who has tried out Gran Turismo 7 has observed the following. NeoGAF user “cormack12” says, 

I’ve had the PSVR2 update and the CotM update and the IQ is really good, at least a 50% increase imo. But I think general viewing in PSVR2 has improved too.”

Another User Corroborating The PSVR2 Update's Refinements
Another User Corroborating The PSVR2 Update’s Refinements

Another glaring problem that this surprise PSVR2 update has managed to pluck out pertains to the television setup of users. The issue isn’t as ubiquitous, but a multitude of people seem to have experienced it once in a while. LeSmoer on Reddit says, 

I think they fixed a problem, some users experienced not being able to switch off their TVs in combination of some setups ( including AVRs). I can now switch off my AVR including TV without getting a message to use my TV.”

If you head over to the System Software support page on the official PlayStation website, you’ll find details regarding the recent PlayStation 5 patch. Under the “Other updated features” subheading of the patch notes’ description, there’s the mention of the following:  

  • Use filters in your library to easily find PS VR- and PS VR2-compatible games.
  • We’ve updated the device software for DualSense wireless controller, DualSense Edge wireless controller, and PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers. The update will improve stability.

These quality-of-life improvements will contribute fairly toward enhancing the whole PSVR2 experience down the road. We’ll update the article if we find more prominent feature additions to the VR headset. If you’ve found something not highlighted here, let us know what we missed in the comments section ahead. 

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