Retro-Bit Blends 3-Button SEGA Genesis Controller Feel With 6 Buttons

BIG6 combines the design of the original 3-button SEGA Genesis controller with the button layout of the SEGA Genesis 6-button Arcade Pad.

In 1988, SEGA released the SEGA Genesis. The original console came with a three-button configuration. Due to the popularity of games that required more buttons, a new controller was released with six buttons which was better suited for games, such as STREET FIGHTER. The six-button controller allowed players to have better combinations in-game.

Recently, Retro-Bit, the company that released the SEGA Genesis 6-button Arcade Pad and the SEGA Saturn Controller Pad is releasing a new licensed controller called “BIG6,” based on the original SEGA Genesis controller from 1988, keeping its form while being updated for modern systems.

While it retains the ergonomics of the original 3-button configuration, the controller is designed with 6 buttons, while keeping its original factor. Retro-Bit explained its process of redesigning the controller for modern systems on the pre-order page for the controller on its website.

“We had a long, hard look at the original 3-button control pad that was released alongside the original console. It was wide, comfortable, and sleek with a unique DPad, a Start button, and the classic A-B-C buttons. Its design provided comfortable ergonomics for long play sessions, which SEGA was aiming to do by bringing the arcade experience to homes with the Genesis & Mega Drive,” it elaborates.

“Our team updated the design by adding additional X-Y-Z buttons while incorporating a Mode shoulder button without changing the overall form of the original. It keeps the same feel and shape of the original adding new features to give players a new way to experience their favourite games.”

Multiple versions of the BIG6 controller are being produced for different types of consoles, including, a version compatible with vintage SEGA systems available for $16.99, a version with USB that can connect to PC and other modern consoles releasing in October and available for $19.99, and a wireless 2.4GHZ version compatible with modern systems and vintage SEGA consoles for $34.99 which will be released in November.

Compatible systems include PC, macOS, and the SEGA Genesis and SEGA Mega Drive, of course. Retro-Bit says that its console is also compatible with the Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio, Analogue MegaSg, and the Playmaji Polymega, among others. The three controllers will be available for pre-order at Castlemania Games later this year and may come to other retailers in the future.

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