Street Fighter 6 Might Be Releasing For Xbox Series X

Xbox consoles could be getting the upcoming instalment of the Street Fighter franchise as well, as suggested by Metacritic.

Street Fighter V was originally released for Playstation 5 and Microsoft Windows on February 16, 2016. The game was even released as an arcade game in America, Japan and Europe in 2018. But sadly, there was never any release of the Street Fighter V game for any Xbox consoles. Although Street Fighter V is not available for Xbox, Street Fighter 6 is set to release for Xbox Series X, as per a recent listing on Metacritic.

XBOriginals on Twitter recently discovered that Metacritic had listed Street Fighter 6 as an Xbox Series X game. Some of the users were puzzled as to why exactly the Metacritic website has listed the upcoming Street Fighter 6 as an Xbox Series X game. On the website, Street Fighter 6 is listed as “Street Fighter 6 (XBSX).” Xbox users and fans can now rejoice with everyone else about the new Street Fighter 6 game scheduled to release on February 21, 2022.

However, some players are not convinced, as users on Reddit have their distrust as to how Metacritic would have the information of the game’s release before any official announcement. “Metacritic wouldn’t know that, they’ve just made temporary pages for the game because it was teased,” commented one user. “I don’t think this is really indicative of it coming to Xbox but I honestly have no doubt that it’s multiplat. There’s just no reason for it to be exclusive,” commented another.

The teaser trailer for the upcoming instalment is visually quite impressive. The details for sweat, veins, lighting and steam are exhilarating. Another noticeable thing about the trailer was the music, and it had the Street Fighter vibe going on with it. All in all, the game is looking good and is probably set to release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and, lastly, Xbox Series X. However, Metacritic is not an official website for Street Fighter games, and for that reason, we have to take their listing with a grain of salt.

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