One of the best Horror Titles “Visage” Now Optimized for Series X

Turn your lights off and enter Visage, optimized for next-gen

Indie Psychological Horror gem “Visage” has just launched on Game Pass and brings with it the improvements of next-gen hardware. The game has launched with an “Optimized for Series X” badge which promises better performance and better visuals than the last-gen versions of the game. Players can expect improved resolution and a stable 60FPS at the very least, any further improvements will most likely be found when players test the full release through Game Pass. Visage is also the newest in a line of games to enter XBOX Game Pass lately, with heavy hitters like the latest indie hit Sable, Scarlet Nexus and one of the best games of 2019 with Ai: The Somnium Files. With every addition and an affordable price point, Game Pass just becomes more and more of an appealing option for gamers all over the world.

Visage is the newest game in a whole slew of games to enter XBOX’s Game Pass.

Visage itself is considered by many to be one of the scariest modern horror games ever made It came out back in October 30 last year and was made by SadSquare Studio which consists of only a handful of people.

Borrowing some aspects from Silent Hills P.T, the game is a first person survival horror game set in an ever-changing household filled to the brim with uncanny environments both disturbing and unsettling. The game has attained a passionate cult-following for its brilliant atmosphere and effective scares but is often criticized for its convoluted puzzles and poor pacing where using a guide is almost mandatory to beat the game. Safe to say however, with the low number of survival horror games that we currently have, any good entry in the genre is always greatly appreciated for us Survival Horror fans while we wait for the heavy hitters like Dead Space Remake, Resident Evil 4 Remake and Fatal Frame 5 Remaster which comes out later this month and as sad as it is that all of these are ports and remakes, its still a ray of hope nonetheless. 

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