10 Suits I Want To See In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

From a list of numerous possibilities, here are my favorite picks.

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  • Marvel’s Spider-Man has showcased an incredible assortment of suits, offering fans a remarkable variety to choose from.
  • Whether inspired by the movies or the comics, Insomniac has truly excelled in crafting each suit with its own distinct flair.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 includes 65 suits that can provide even more variety than its predecessor making each suit’s abilities unique.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has had an amazing variety of suits for fans to try on. From the movies to the comics, Insomniac has done a sensational job of making every suit unique. With the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 upon us, we can only wonder which suits the dev team has in their web-slinging arsenal. From classic fan favorites to brand-new designs, here’s a list of 10 suits that I am itching to see swing into action. 

Spectacular Spider-Man 

Spectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man
Spectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man

Despite only lasting for two seasons, The Spectacular Spider-Man series is acclaimed to be the greatest Spider-Man show ever made. Its mature themes, action, soundtrack, and the balance between Peter and Spider-Man are a joy to experience for all ages. Seeing how well the cel-shaded suits fit really well in the game, there’s no stopping the dev team from including this one as well.

In addition, the suit’s web-wings are a perfect fit for the new gliding mechanic in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 where both Spider-Men can glide through the air after swinging at high speed. Overall, this suit is a perfect homage to Spider-Man’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15.

Japanese Spider-Man

Imagine having the option to summon the mecha this Spidey uses
Imagine having the option to summon the mecha this Spidey uses

With the classic suit incorporated in traditional Japanese aesthetics, the Japanese Spider-Man suit seamlessly blends elements of both Western and Japanese sensibilities, resulting in a visually striking portrayal of the wallcrawler. The suit includes a utility belt with various gadgets and the most notable feature is the spider bracelet, which grants Spider-Man the ability to summon and control a mecha called Leopardon.

Beyond its visual appeal, the suit holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to the “Supaidāman” TV series. This fresh take left a lasting impact on the Spider-Man legacy, and who can forget the humongous mecha he uses to fight against giant enemies?


The creepy vibes from Poison is a nice fit for the dark tone of the game
The creepy vibes from Poison is a nice fit for the dark tone of the game

What if our beloved hero permanently bonded with the symbiote? Well, we get Poison. This iteration of Spider-Man’s logo had a spindly-legged spider with three black circles on each part. Considering himself to be better than Venom, he named himself, Poison. Given the major role of the symbiote in the storyline of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s a golden opportunity to add unique variations of the black suit. If we can get the Spirit Spider suit, then we certainly can get this one as well.

Spider’s Shadow

No quips, just punches
No quips, just punches

If Poison is the stage where Peter permanently bonds with the symbiote, then this one is where the symbiote slowly corrupts him. As it corrupted him, the suit underwent a transformation. The eyes gained sharp edges, fangs sprouted from its mouth, the logo’s arms became erratic, claws formed on the hands, and black web-wings emerged from the suit.


A nice replacement for Spider-Man 2099
A nice replacement for Spider-Man 2099

Taking inspiration from Spider-Man 2099, the suit’s red and blue combo is on point, featuring a sleek elongated red spider on the chest and a web cape that’s pretty fly. Moreover, using nano-technology, this suit became quite durable and can be worn in seconds. Although the show was canceled before even concluding its first season, the futuristic-style suit definitely made a good impression on fans. This suit is another great example of how well it’ll blend in with the cel-shaded style if it ever gets added to the game.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

The perfect combo of classic and modern look for Spidey
The perfect combo of classic and modern look for Spidey

We all saw this one coming and it has already been requested a lot but that just shows the beauty of this suit. From my perspective, this is the best live-action suit we got by far which perfectly blends the classic and modern look for Spidey. The wide lens, web pattern, and spider logo all make a great combo with the bright red and blue colors the suit has to offer. 

Ignoring the lackluster game the suit first appeared in, it has been quite a while since we last saw this suit. If the first Amazing Spider-Man suit was in Marvel’s Spider-Man, then this suit should rightfully be included in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 where it will finally get the justice it deserves.

New Fantastic Four

Introducing, The Fantastic Spider-Man
Introducing, The Fantastic Spider-Man

This one is like a Fantastic Four uniform remix, but with a spider twist. While rocking the Fantastic Four arms, boots, and a spider logo in place of the “4” insignia, one can even call this, The Fantastic Spider-Man. The blue and black color combination fits really well for the web-slinger and this could be a nice replacement for the Bombastic Bag-Man suit we got in the original game.


Sensational logo alongside a nice combo of red and blue
Sensational logo alongside a nice combo of red and blue

This suit has multiple variations that came in concept art for Spider-Man movies. It’s got that classic red and blue look, but with some stylish triangular bars on the sleeves, a blue box on the gloves, no belt, and sharp triangular boots. The logo’s still sensational, just shifted to the left.

Black Suit (Miles Morales)

Black suit, but cooler
Black suit, but cooler

If Peter can get a symbiote suit, so can Miles. This suit is reminiscent of the symbiote suit but with a lengthier symbol, menacing eyes that stretch to the back of the mask, and a sleek black hood that fits his character really well. Not to mention, the design itself does well to stand out from the original and can even provide a neat twist in the storyline of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Post-Clone Saga

A nice mixture of Scarlet Spider and Miles's Spider-Man suit
A nice mixture of Scarlet Spider and Miles’s Spider-Man suit

This suit is super tough, flexible, and fireproof. The mask takes after Scarlet Spider’s. The sweater is mostly black with red accents on the shoulders, and the pants have reversed colors with red webbing on the black stripes. Also, the red shoes sport his logo and extra webbing on the soles but the gloves are the only things that stay the same from Miles’s Spider-Man suit.

All in all, once the game finally releases, we can explore the plethora of suits it has to offer. I fully trust Insomniac to deliver a memorable experience for the sequel and can only hope the suits we fans wish to see become a reality.

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