The Beauty Of Games With Flawless Mobility, Featuring Titanfall 2, And More

Movement in gaming has never been better.

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  • Certain video games in the industry have been absolutely monumental with their movement. 
  • These titles, which include the likes of Titanfall 2 and Ultrakill, bring a different experience to the table. 
  • Those who are attracted to games with great mobility should try out the recommendations ahead. 

I’m all about movement in my fast-paced games, so whenever my player character comes across as clunky, heavy, or slow, my attention starts to drift away rapidly. And if you’re anything like me, the plan remains the same across the board, considering how the gaming industry has blessed us with top-tier titles that feel amazing to play on a regular basis. 

That’s why I’ve decided to put together this article, compiling some of the best games out there that flaunt mobility like no other. Make sure to sift through each listing diligently for the best results. 

Talk About Some Seriously Capable Movement 

Oh, and in case you’re on the same page as me, post a comment down below and spark a discussion about games that you think fit the bill in this regard.

1. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 Is the Epitome of a World-Class First-Person Shooter | Source: Respawn

I absolutely cannot stress this enough, but when I say that Titanfall 2 is the undisputed king of mobility in video games, you best believe me. If not, go ahead and fire up this enthralling first-person shooter up and you’ll soon realize what I’m on about here. I only wish that the developers go on and turn to a revival of this legendary franchise. Respawn is certainly sitting on gold here. 

The much improved and highly refined sequel to the first Titanfall brings movement options like never before, featuring jumping, vaulting, wall-running, sliding—you name it. And let’s not forget the way you control Titans in the game, whose movement is super fluid, and nothing short of a pleasure to maneuver as well. 

2. Ultrakill 

Ultrakill Is A Step Above DOOM; And Here's Why
Ultrakill Is as Fast-Paced as It Gets | Source: Steam

Next up, we’ve got a hyperactive first-person shooter in the name of Ultrakill, with some going as far as to call it a cut above Doom. This is a level-based game, with terrific mission design, impressive gameplay, and, of course, versatile movement options to keep you from getting locked in by waves of incoming enemies. 

There’s always a surprise element lurking around with Ultrakill, where you never know what type of horror you’re going to come face to face with at the next corner. The game itself is certainly an evolution for the FPS genre, if nothing else. The title really does not skip a beat when it comes down to it, but the best part is that there’s no steep learning curve either. 

3. Warframe

Warframe Is a Fantastic Free-to-Play Game | Source: Digital Extremes 

Digital Extremes has been pushing Warframe for as long as one can remember. I have fond memories of the game, when I booted it up for the first time on my Xbox One in 2015, but ever since then, it’s baffling how much the third-person shooter has improved its quality over the course of the subsequent years. Talk about insane builds that can increase your movement speed and make you supremely mobile. 

Oh, and the fact that Warframe has some of the most deep-dyed lore elements in gaming is another plus point to look out for, not to mention its grind-driven gameplay that can keep you engaged for thousands of hours.

Here’s a glimpse of some ultra-fast achievable speeds in the game that you can obtain by putting some work into your character builds.

YouTube video

4. Just Cause 3

best open world games xbox one
Just Cause 3 Is Less a Game, More a Playground With No Rules | Source: Avalanche

The Just Cause IP remains extremely well-liked across the board for what it brings to the table in terms of open-world gameplay. The game has so many modes of traveling, it’s actually incredible to witness how developer Avalanche Studios Group pulls it off. Talk about driving on land, riding the seas, and soaring through the skies with Rico’s parachute, wingsuit, and the world-famous, grappling hook. 

5. Satisfactory 

Satisfactory Is Not Your Average Simulator | Source: Coffee Stain Studios 

For a game whose central focus revolves around building and managing a factory, Satisfactory boasts surprisingly capable mobility options across the board. It’s played from a first-person perspective and allows you to build structures that let the character move across the in-game map quickly. It’s even got a jetpack in there, not to mention conveyor belts allowing for slide-launching to help you keep your movement up. 

It’s a fairly unique title, one that goes fairly unnoticed by many. I highly advise giving it a go. 

YouTube video

6. Prototype 2 

Prototype 2 Is Badass | Source: WSGF
Prototype 2 Is Sheer Fun | Source: WSGF

Radical Entertainment’s Prototype 2 is one of the most iconic action-adventure games ever made, at least in my eyes. Although it wasn’t loved by too many back in the day when it came out to the masses, it’s surely become a cult classic years later, where fans of the franchise are begging the devs and the IP owner to revisit the series with modern-day tech. Oh, what a sight would that be. 

Prototype 2 excels in mobility. The protagonist — James Heller — has all sorts of these superpower abilities that allow him to jump at huge distances, climb up buildings with sheer ferocity, dash through the air, and whatnot. It’s one of the most fun games out there sitting without a PC port, a remake, remaster, or a sequel, which, in my opinion, is a serious issue.

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