Here’s Why Shadow Of The Erdtree Is Likely To Be Harder Than The Base Game

Elden Ring has some of the hardest bosses like Malenia and Godskin Duo but Shadow of The Erdtree will likely be even more challenging.

Story Highlights

  • Elden Ring, released in 2022, dominated The Game Awards by winning the most prestigious award. 
  • There are tons of hard bosses in-game, and Malenia is the hardest one so far.
  • FromSoft always makes DLC challenging, opening the possibility of having harder bosses than Malenia

Ever since the release of Elden Ring, I have played it like it’s a part of my life. The game is just perfect and definitely deserves the Game of The Year award from 2022. The open world of Elden Ring is the perfect definition of freedom, and this is exactly how an open-world game should be. 

The non-linearity, along with well-polished gameplay and great art design, was exactly the kind of thing I wanted in 2022. Honestly, it changed gaming as I was hooked up to it, and I am still waiting for the expansion. This whole experience makes me even more excited for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, which will be released on June 21st.

However, I might have bad news for those who have been neglecting practice as well as those who haven’t beaten Malenia yet.

If FromSoftware follows the exact same pattern, as it always does, then Shadow of The Erdtree will definitely be harder than the base game. 

FromSofware’s Pattern With The DLCs

Malenia elden ring
Malenia Is The Hardest Boss In Elden Ring (Image taken by eXputer)

So the first question is, why do I think the expansion will be harder than the base game when there are bosses like Malenia and Godskin Duo? Well, if you have played the previous FromSoftware games, you would understand this instantly. 

First, let’s take Bloodborne as an example. Which boss from the overall game is the hardest one? Most of the people will definitely go with Orphan of Kos as it was the hardest boss in the whole game for me. So, what are the ones that were challenging but not as challenging as Orphan of Kos? The only bosses that come to my mind are Ludwig, Laurence, and Lady Maria.  

Now, all of these have something in common, as all of them are from the DLC, not the base game. That being said, only one game having the DLC harder than the base game doesn’t really prove anything. So, now let’s take Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3 as examples.

In Dark Souls, the base game is pretty simple except for the run back to all bonfire. Ornstein & Smough was the only challenging boss fight in the base game, but the DLC is full of difficult ones. Artorias, Kalameet, and, of course, Manus are from the DLC, and all of these are the hardest bosses in Dark Souls.

Similarly, in Dark Souls 3, there were bosses like Nameless King and Dancer of the Boreal Valley who were extremely hard. For me, Nameless King was the hardest boss in the base game, but the DLC was, of course, more challenging. To no one’s surprise, Demon Prince, Midir, Sister Friede, and Slave Knight Gale were challenging even for veterans.

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree – Ready To Die Edition

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree
Mesmer, The Impaler In Shadow of The Erdtree

Everything I have explained so far simply describes that FromSoftware has been following the same pattern of making bosses harder in the DLC. The developer has already added some of the hardest boss fights in Elden Ring, and it is honestly hard for me to believe that the DLC will be more challenging. 

However, the developer has done this before, so it will be done again. Malenia has been hailed as the hardest boss in the history of all FromSoftware games. The Godskin Duo fight was also pretty tough and practically impossible for some players without using summons.

Other than that, Godfrey/Horoah Loux, Morgott, Maliketh, Radhan, Mohg, the last boss fight, and some open-world bosses like Black Blade Kindred, Astel, and Twin Gargoyles were challenging too. So, it will be great to see how FromSoft will make even harder bosses than what is present in the base game. Personally, I don’t think that the developer will break this pattern.

What’s the hardest boss in your opinion?
byu/Andrew_purple200 inEldenring

From all of this information, I can, without a doubt, say that the DLC will be harder than most of the bosses in Elden Ring. Malenia has set the bar of bosses being hard way too high due to her cheat moves. So, even if the bosses aren’t as hard as her, the DLC will be extremely challenging. 

Mesmer, The Impaler, along with some bosses, already looks like someone who will make me rage quit quite a few times. However, as much as I am scared, I am looking forward to the DLC more than ever.


Elden Ring is arguably the toughest game I have ever played, along with Sekiro. While you eventually get better in Sekiro, the same is not the case with Elden Ring. Even if you understand the combat, the bosses might do something that will cost you your life. 

There are many bosses in the base game that can catch your roll and even bait them. Margit is the best starting boss who lets you know the journey ahead is going to be a challenging one. Many players might be just happy to know that Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is coming soon. However, the players should be ready to die repeatedly as it is going to happen. For players like Gino Machino, who can do the God Run, the DLC might not prove to be hard. However, for normal players, it will be as the progression is also similar to Sekiro

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