Treading The Path of The Evil Is Too Fun In Hogwarts Legacy

Avalanche Software's title has reminded us how amusing doing wicked stuff in RPGs is.

Story Highlights 

  • Despite the controversy around it, Hogwarts Legacy was a triumphant success and thoroughly adapting the Wizarding World is a big reason for that.
  • Because of this in-depth world-building, you can also be a dark wizard in the RPG and it is really entertaining.
  • You can use unforgivable curses, make morally ambiguous choices, and be an all-around menace in the magical world.

Role-playing games constitute arguably the most popular genre of the gaming industry. Many consider RPG as the best form of gaming, and new releases every year back that up. No other iteration of video games gives the user as much freedom as this genre, so it is easy to see why. Over the past decade or so, we have been treated to some fantastic role-playing games.

In this decade alone, we have received great titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Just by looking at the sales and critical scores of the games mentioned above, you can judge how popular RPGs are. A big reason for the acclaim this genre gets lies in the liberty it gives to the players.

You can make your own character, choose their class and attributes, and as the name suggests role-play. Everyone can take the path they like and, in most cases, select how the story unravels. Probably the most interesting aspect of this freedom is how role-playing games allow you to experience them from different perspectives.

To elaborate, some titles allow you to go down the path of evil or good, depending on what you prefer. Fable, The Outer Worlds, and Fallout 3 are some examples of RPGs that let you decide whether you want to be evil or not. Every choice you make has different consequences depending on its nature. For instance, if you decide to kill a character instead of saving them, you will be perceived differently in the game world.

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The essence of the decision you make also has an impact on the story, further showcasing the power of choice. A lot of RPGs don’t put a lot of focus into this aspect and allow you to do wicked stuff without any major consequences. But, some titles like Infamous 2, Fallout, and Red Dead Redemption 2 put heavy emphasis on your integrity. What kind of person you are in these games has a heavy bearing on the story and final ending.

Morality system or not, it is entertaining to have such opposing paths in the game. Not only do they give you an incentive for more playthroughs to thoroughly understand the game. But, it is also wickedly fun to be evil in role-playing games, with or without consequence. The most recent example of this is 2023’s most popular game so far, Hogwarts Legacy.

Playing through this magical world reminded us of how RPG world-building can bring impossible fantasies to life. And, this experience is made even better after learning nothing is stopping you from misbehaving here.

The Success Of Hogwarts Legacy

Not many games have grabbed as many headlines as Hogwarts Legacy did before it even came out. The attention of not only the gaming world, but all of the entertainment sphere was on the fantasy title from Warner Bros Games. Controversial comments from franchise creator J. K. Rowling were a big reason for the publicity it got.

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Even though the Harry Potter author did not play a part in creating the Avalanche Software game, she did get royalties. As a result, her transphobic comments overshadowed the actual game’s launch with calls for a boycott. But, all of this bad press didn’t contain the magic Hogwarts Legacy had. The RPG was a resounding sales success, reaching the top of Steam’s weekly global charts weeks before release.

WB Games’ fantasy title opened with 56% more sales than Elden Ring in European nations. In addition, Hogwarts Legacy broke Steam records after release, attaining the 2nd-highest concurrent players for a single-player game. From Australia to Japan, the Harry Potter game topped charts around the world and has already sold 12 million copies. All of this success is easy to understand when you play the game, or just read a review.

Hogwarts Legacy skillfully brought the spectacle of the Wizarding World into video games. Fans and critics alike have called the world of the game the best depiction of Hogwarts in entertainment media. Granted, we grew up with the movies and they told the beautiful story present in the books. But, Hogwarts Legacy is the first product in the franchise that lets you experience what it feels like to be a Wizard.

Its world-building is beautiful and the quintessential way to explore and learn about Hogwarts. You can take classes, ride a broom, discover areas around the castle, and all in all, role-play as a Hogwarts student. For sure, the story isn’t anything to write home about, but Hogwarts Legacy’s masterfully thorough adaptation of Harry Potter’s world makes up for it.

And, this doesn’t only include the good aspects of the Wizarding World, but also the evil ones. Your actions can mimic those of dark wizards, and nothing is stopping you. This very factor makes Hogwarts Legacy makes a fun experience, and a delight to play.

Being Evil In The Wizarding World Is Incredibly Amusing

In the Avalanche Software RPG, you have a lot of freedom to cater your wizarding experience to your liking. For example, you can select any house you like, pick your favorite spells, and make critical quest choices. Even though these decisions don’t heavily affect the story, they do determine how you interact with the game world. As a result of this independence Hogwarts Legacy affords to its players, they can go towards the dark side.

There are dark wizards in the world of Harry Potter and many fans wanted to know if fans would have this prerogative in the RPG. We can confirm, you can make choices reflecting the morally grey side of magic, and it is really entertaining. Not every player’s Harry Potter fantasy involves them being a goody two shoes, some want to experience the dark side.

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to do exactly that by letting you cast spells and make choices only evil wizards would. First of all, you can make your character resemble a dark wizard by selecting the right hair, scars, and accessories, and making your robes dim-lit. More importantly, you can use a dark wizard’s ammo without any remorse. You can use the unforgivable curses anytime you like after learning them in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy dark arts
Dark arts cosmetic set in Hogwarts Legacy

If you aren’t aware, only ethically ambiguous wizards use this type of curse in the world of Harry Potter. But, you can utilize the Killing curse, the Cruciatus curse, and the Imperius curse any time you like to torture your enemies in the game. Hence, you can employ the quintessential spells of evil and act like a dark wizard in the game, which is all the fun.

There is no morality system in Hogwarts Legacy, so besides mild fear in the students and some exasperate reactions, there won’t be any consequences. So not only can you go down a darker path in the fantasy game, you can do it without remorse. If you want to terrorize teenagers learning magic and not get punished for it, Hogwarts Legacy is the game for you. Your evil nature will have a direct effect on the game in quests, however.

Players can make a decision many might not consider “right” and go for the morally ambiguous choice. But, this will change the way the Hogwarts Legacy’s story unfolds and will affect your relationship with NPCs. Consequently, you can create a desired path for your protagonist. In addition, this also gives players an incentive to play through Hogwarts Legacy multiple times and make nicer choices the second time around.

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra
Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy

While talking to GamesRadar, narrative director Moira Squirer also confirmed that you can be evil in the RPG if you want. And, as we have explained, it is wicked fun to be naughty with magic, so it is a must-try if you play the game. By the looks of it, fans are also big on the evil side of the wizarding world. Most of the players choose Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy ahead of Gryffindor, the house of the main character Harry Potter.

If you know anything about Slytherin, you will know it doesn’t have the best reputation in the Wizarding World. Voldemort, among other notorious figures, hailed from this mischievous house represented by a serpent. Slytherin being the fan favorite in the game tells us how players are also admirers of the morally ambiguous house. Hence, a lot of fans want to experience the Wizarding World from a different and darker perspective.

Considering how the movies were centered on a heroic and morally upstanding character, trying something different makes sense. Therefore, we are very lucky that the new Harry Potter game allows us to be evil wizards. And, as we have said before, it is very fun and really interesting.

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